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End-to-end full cycle recruiting support for staffing agencies in the US

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QX’s outsourced full cycle recruiting improves process efficiency and adds flexibility with offshore delivery teams.

Whether it’s talent pre-screening, candidate sourcing, onboarding, compliance check management, or payroll management, QX Global Group offers full life cycle recruiting solutions that take care of the entire talent acquisition process. Our trained and experienced team of offshore full cycle recruiters will help you revitalize your processes and scale your service delivery capability. The output-focused and insight-driven end-to-end recruitment services help staffing agencies reduce their cost to hire, time to hire, attrition rate, and increases their productivity, while allowing them to focus on their core business practices.

Our team will work with you to develop a tailored full cycle recruiting solution that improves your pre-existing operating and delivery model and addresses your specific challenges.


Streamlined Process

Reduce inefficiencies and optimize processes to improve service delivery quality.

Experienced Team

Dedicated team of experts trained and experienced in using the latest ATS, job boards, and MSP-VMS tech.


Easily ramp up/down your offshore delivery team based on business and market demands ensuring business continuity.

Cost Savings

Reduce cost-per-hire and fixed cost burden to become more economically flexible.

Reduced time-to-hire

find great talent faster with higher recruiting acumen, industry expertise and advanced technology.

Improve Quality of Hire

Create talent pools and attract the best candidates globally with a high-touch approach to sourcing & screening.




What is Full Cycle Recruiting?

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Understand 180 and 360 Recruitment Process – Their Differences and Benefits

Understand 180 and 360 Recruitment Process – Their Differences and Benefits

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Full cycle recruiting, aka, 360 recruitment or end-to-end recruiting, describes a holistic recruitment process, right from acquiring job order and resourcing to placement and onboarding, each step managed by a full life cycle recruiter or a recruitment team.

The different stages of a full cycle recruiting process are Preparation, Sourcing, Screening, Selecting, Placement & Onboarding.