Credit Control Service for Staffing Agencies

Credit Control Service for Staffing Agencies

Outsourced Credit Control Service for Staffing Agencies in the US

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Tailored to meet your staffing needs, our credit control team adopts a structured method to optimize and run your credit control process. We coordinate with you to define a chasing strategy, with definite KPIs and numbers set around credit limit and reminders to be sent to customers (emails/phone calls). You will be provided with a clear and easy-to-read report which will give you measurable information around cost reductions achieved and credit-control process optimization.

Our offshore RPO team will ensure that your organization’s cash flow remains healthy and you keep on receiving timely payments adhering to necessary compliances and maintaining process excellence. Our team maintains high-touch communication with your customers, intending to give them the most satisfactory recruitment experience and strengthen the professional relationship.

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Increased efficiency and accuracy

Benefit from the industry expertise of our offshore team to improve efficiency and achieve timesheet processing accuracy rate of 99%+ with quick TATs

Reduced Costs

Experience cost savings of up to 50% by outsourcing your pay & bill to a dedicated team of trained accountants

Dedicated, skilled resources

Set up a team of skilled accountants that process more than 1.65 million timesheets every year to gain an in-depth business understanding and deliver better value

Automation implementation

Get access to customized tech stacks, automate processes, and implement cutting-edge accounting platforms for your business seamlessly

Customized Reporting

Gain access to detailed financial reports (customized to your needs) and insights to drive smarter business decisions using PowerBI and Tableau.



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