Payroll Processing

Payroll Processing

Shift focus to critical tasks and ensure timely payments with efficient payroll processing services


Constantly changing tax legislation and regulations make payroll processing one of the most complex and time-consuming tasks for businesses in the US.

Backed by rich experience in handling payroll for some of the biggest companies across industries, QX’s payroll outsourcing solutions help organizations streamline payroll, optimize productivity and improve administration. All this while reducing costs by up to 50% and freeing your staff of the hassles and time-consuming tasks involved in payroll processing.

Streamline Bookkeeping Processes with Payroll Processing Outsourcing

Accuracy & speed

With an accuracy rate of over 99.8% since 2003, QX can match and even surpass in-house results. We also benefit from the time difference to improve turnaround time.

Payroll expertise

With years of experience in the industry, QX promises the most effective software, processes and people to deliver efficient solutions for your business needs.

Latest technology

Eliminate all IT hardware and software hassles from your day to day functioning. We will set up a secure transfer, backup the data and find the best way to gather data from various sources.

Data security

Data security and confidentiality is at the heart of QX’s core values. We ensure that your company data stays protected and is not shared with anyone under any circumstances.

Cost savings

Outsource your company’s payroll processing to experience cost savings of 30% to 50%. In addition, detailed reports further assist you to take more thoughtful financial decisions.

Planning to streamline bookkeeping by outsourcing your payroll processing?

Payroll Processing Services

QX can provide an efficient and reliable payroll team, reporting directly to you. QX follows a multi-step approach, bringing its knowledge, experience and best talent under one roof to transform your payroll process.

Payroll administration
Employee master detail maintenance
Gather processing information and run payroll cycle
Payroll submission after client approval
Compliance with 940s and 941s
Timely issuance of W2 and W4
Employee insurance deductions
Direct deposit payments with "paperless" payroll options

QX Success Stories

Read how QX enabled transformation for its clients through outsourced payroll processing services:

Delivering cost efficiencies to NHS trusts through efficient payroll processing and payments
Swift and seamless payroll processing transition for a leading healthcare supplier through online migration

Software Abilities

The QX team works with industry-standard software to streamline payroll for its clients. We are also flexible to incorporating any additional systems in our solutions to suit your organizational needs.


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