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Multifamily & PBSH Industries

Outsourced Accounting Solutions for the

Multifamily & PBSH Industries

Over the last few years, accounting has emerged as one of the most expensive functions for businesses in the US. Hiring skilled accountants and setting up back-offices can act as major hurdle for owners & managers in the multifamily and PBSH sector. As a result, rental housing firms often end up dealing with high operational costs, talent pool shortage and the inability of propelling their business to the next level.

QX Global Group offers a suite of end-to-end Finance & Accounting (F&A) solutions for the US Multifamily and PBSH companies. Over the last decade and a half, we have leveraged intelligent technology coupled with a large pool of highly qualified accountants, which has enabled F&A transformation for some of the leading Multifamily & PBSH companies in the US & UK markets.

Bespoke F&A Solutions for PBSH & Multifamily Businesses

Accounts Payable

Better manage your Days Payable Outstanding (DPO), automate monotonous processes, save up to 50% on operational costs and turn your AP department into a profit center with QX’s outsourced accounts payable solutions.

Accounts Receivable

Leverage QX’s unique people-process-platform by outsourcing your AR function and improve cash flow, reduce Days Sales Outstanding (DSO) & increase overall working capital.

Credit Control

Set up a scalable team of credit control experts for your property business to achieve cost savings, avoid bad debts, streamline collections and maintain greater customer relationships.


Run accurate payroll online, automate payroll tax fillings and save considerable bandwidth, resources & time with QX’s payroll solutions for multifamily & PBSH providers.

Management Accounts & Reporting

Generate bespoke financial and statistical information reports as per your specification to mitigate risks, assess financial performance and maximize profits.

Statutory Compliance

Benefit from the industry expertise of compliance experts to overcome regulatory risks, optimize compliance processes and implement automation to reduce dependence on manual processes.

Treasury Management

Get tailored treasury management solutions to suit your organizational needs – automate processes, better manage treasury risks and free up treasury department resources to focus on more strategic activities.

Why Multifamily & PBSH Companies Choose QX

Here’s how some of the leading market players have benefitted from partnering with QX:


Benefit from QX’s reliable outsourcing model to smoothly transition to revamped systems, ensure constant process improvements and put your business on track with your transformation goals

Process Automation

Free up onshore teams of redundant F&A tasks through smart automation and implementing tech stacks customized to address your specific organizational needs

Skilled, Scalable Teams

Overcome the hassle of hiring & retaining skilled accountants by setting up a flexible team of offshore F&A professionals for your multifamily & PBSH business

Reduced Costs

Cut down finance & accounting costs by up to 50% with best practices implementation and automation of repetitive tasks

Industry Expertise

Leverage QX’s rich experience of more than a decade a half of providing F&A services to notable industry players and propel your multifamily/PBSH business to the next level

Partnership Approach

Experience QX’s unique partnership approach to build a strong business relation where you stay in control

Software Abilities

QX offers a range of software-based F&A solutions which are tailored for Multifamily and PBSH businesses. Our services are bundled with platform-agnostic systems and API’s to suit the various needs of a real estate organization.

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Speak to our experts to understand how your business can benefit from QX’s outsourced F&A solutions.