Travel for Work: What’s Ronik’s UK Story? [And one British thing he picked up]

Posted on July 23, 2019
Written By Rishmit Aich

Travel for Work: What’s Ronik’s UK Story? [And one British thing he picked up]

Ronik Makhija
Senior Manager, QXAS

Hometown: Ahmedabad, Gujarat, India

Experience: Certified Chartered Accountant

What I do : I played many important roles during my 8 years at QX. Right now, I lead a team of 15 members and together we manage the accounts of a group of five clients. We take care of their taxes, returns and books. It’s a lot of work but having a team that works just as hard makes it all worth it!

A work-trip to remember:  I can only think of my last trip to the UK at the moment when my clients, out of the blue, asked to show me around London. I was expecting a usual dinner back at the hotel, after our meeting but he offered to take me out to the city for a tour, dinner and late-night exploring.

While that’s new and exciting, I’ve gotten pretty used to the usual “uh-oh” moment of getting lost in the tube. It’s a little adventure of its own: to navigate around, hop to on the wrong train, ask your fellow passengers and you might as well make some friends along the way.

Another unforgettable moment was when I went to the UK to be a part of the Accountex exhibition. At the end of event, I sat down for dinner and drinks with our chairman, Chris Robinson, his brother Frank and the heads of the QXAS and Marketing and we discussed all things business! I felt incredible to be present amid such great minds discussing some revolutionary ideas for the company. It’s something that every employee wishes for!

Something British I’ve picked up: I never thought of taking up walking as an exercise before travelling to the UK. Walking is a pretty normal routine around town in London. Almost all areas are walkable – the tube, the streets and I wish we did more of that here too instead of driving around so much. I make sure to get my walking done after office every day and count the steps too!

A travel tip when travelling on business:  If you’re going to the UK – you must carry an umbrella, over everything else. For the other ones, just getting a good grip around the subway system would be fine.

What do I like about working at QX: The work culture here is like no other. There is less hierarchy and more solidarity amongst my peers and managers. The atmosphere here is comforting to the point that no matter how many long shifts you cover, you don’t quite miss home so much. But all that said, I met my wife here and that tops it all.

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