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Automation in Outsourcing Candidates | Infographic

Posted on December 27, 2023
Written By Sakshi Sharma

Automation in Outsourcing Candidates | Infographic

This infographic explores how automation tools and technologies are revolutionizing candidate sourcing services, making the journey from applicant to employee more efficient and effective. 

Automation in Outsourcing Candidates

  1. Enhanced Sourcing: Automated tools can quickly scan and filter through thousands of resumes to identify top candidates. 98% of Fortune 500 companies use Applicant Tracking Systems (ATS) to streamline candidate sourcing 
  1. Resume Parsing: Automated systems extract and categorize vital information from resumes, making candidate evaluation more efficient. Resume parsing can reduce data entry time by up to 80% 
  1. Screening & Shortlisting: Automation allows for pre-screening and shortlisting candidates based on predefined criteria, reducing manual effort. 
  1. Interview Scheduling: AI-driven chatbots and scheduling tools streamline interview coordination, saving time for recruiters and candidates. 
  1. Skill Matching: Automation assesses candidate skills and qualifications, ensuring a better fit for job requirements. 
  1. Personality Assessment: Automated personality assessments help identify candidates whose traits align with the company culture. 
  1. Video Interviews: Virtual interviews and AI analysis tools assist in evaluating candidate responses and body language. 
  1. Reference Checks: Automated reference checking tools collect feedback from referees, simplifying the vetting process. 
  1. Background Verification: Verification services and databases aid in confirming candidate credentials improving due diligence. 
  1. Onboarding Automation: Automated onboarding systems handle paperwork, training, and compliance, expediting the hiring process. Automation can reduce the cost of hiring by up to 70% 
  1. Data Analysis: Automation generates insights from candidate data, facilitating better decision-making and future hiring strategies. 
  1. Cost Savings: Reducing manual tasks with automation results in significant cost savings for organizations. 
  1. Candidate Experience: Automation provides a seamless and engaging candidate experience, enhancing the employer brand. 
  1. Scalability: Automated systems can handle high volumes of candidates, making them ideal for large-scale recruitment. 
  1. Compliance: Automation ensures compliance with hiring laws and regulations, reducing legal risks. 
  1. Time-to-Fill Reduction: Automation significantly reduces the time taken to fill open positions, giving organizations a competitive edge. Automating the screening process can reduce the time-to-fill a position by 20-30%  
  1. Feedback Loops: Automated systems collect feedback from candidates and recruiters for continuous improvement. 
  1. Mobile Accessibility: Candidates can apply and engage with the hiring process from mobile devices, enhancing accessibility. 
  1. Security Measures: Automation incorporates security features to protect candidate and company data. 
  1. AI-Powered Predictive Analytics: AI predicts candidate success and job fit, helping organizations make informed hiring decisions. 


Automation is a disruptive force in the realm of talent acquisition, not merely a fad. Organizations may improve the applicant experience, cut hiring expenses, increase productivity, and make data-driven choices that promote success by utilizing the power of automation. QX Global’s team of dedicated recruiters and automation tools like ComplyRite and ReCo360 helps businesses like yours find qualified candidates quickly and saves our clients time and money. 

Originally published Dec 27, 2023 04:12:21, updated Feb 08 2024

Topics: candidate sourcing services, candidate sourcing solutions

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