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Top MSP VMS Staffing Trends That Will Define the Future

Posted on May 30, 2022
Written By Aanchal Jain

MSP VMS Staffing Trends

Post-pandemic, the digital transformation of the staffing industry has redefined the ways of working and changed the industry altogether. A contingent workforce is now an integral part of most global organizations, and remote working is growing rapidly.

Contingent workforce management has become more challenging due to the constantly evolving recruitment technology. MSPs are likely to adopt a more strategic approach toward remote workforce management. Strategic insights and better vendor management processes are emerging as the top trends that will shape the MSP VMS staffing process this year.

Top 5 MSP VMS Staffing Trends

  1. SOW Management

While traditional MSP staffing allows you to gain visibility of the budget spending on the contingent workforce, including the Statement of Work (SOW) management model will add further value to the CWM program. SOW engagement provides an opportunity to understand and analyze the non-permanent employees’ contribution and value addition. SOW management will give you insights into where the contractual workforce is engaged, for how long, and at what cost, helping companies evaluate all aspects of the procurement lifecycle.

  1. Data-Driven Decision Making & Smart KPIs

MSP providers offer a range of services under one roof to facilitate informed decision-making, compliance, and operational efficiency. Advanced VMS tools and technology need to be incorporated into the contingent workforce management to monitor performance against projections closely. MSP VMS staffing providers are focussed on developing precise metrics and smart KPIs to help their clients generate more income. The focus has shifted towards using innovative approaches for scoring higher levels of customer satisfaction and improving service delivery efficiency.

MSP VMS Recruiting

  1. Automation and Data Security

Workflow automation in the MSP VMS recruiting vertical will be prioritized to increase efficiency and better management. Various forms of solution-based services to manage operations, billing, security, etc., will be in focus. Data security and compliance with international data protection guidelines will gain impetus amidst the growing automation in this sector. Automated sourcing can help recruitment professionals to find suitable quality candidates and build a strong talent pipeline to meet high-volume staffing demands.

  1. Use of Artificial Intelligence (AI) and Machine Learning (ML)

Adopting new technology such as artificial intelligence and machine learning for flexible workforce management is likely a significant trend for MSP VMS staffing. AI technology helps to remove bias from the selection process and improves compliance and auditing of candidate submissions. AI can also be used to respond to applicant queries more effectively with the help of chatbots. Machine learning algorithms enable better workforce management by spotting the slightest variance in datasets, such as performance monitoring.

  1. Diverse Sourcing Channels

Remote working is becoming an integral aspect of workforce management, prompting more and more companies to seek and source a flexible and diverse workforce. There is a need for diverse ways to reach out to talent and get them on board. Recruiters are exploring smarter and cheaper sourcing channels to meet the contingent talent requirements.

Why Choose MSP VMS Staffing Support

Businesses post-pandemic are struggling to manage their temporary workforce leading to operational inefficiencies. MSP (managed service programs) providers and vendor management systems (VMS) play a key role in helping organizations scale their operations and improve CWF governance.

Working with MSP VMS staffing support providers will enable business transformation by hiring temporary staff and effectively augmenting your workforce. With QX Global Group’s MSP VMS Staffing services in the current candidate-driven job market, make the most of your contingent workforce requirements.

Originally published May 30, 2022 10:05:12, updated Jun 08 2023

Topics: Contingent Workforce, MSP VMS Recruitment, MSP VMS Staffing, Temporary Workforce

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