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Talent Acquisition Trends That Will Define 2022

Posted on March 22, 2022
Written By Aanchal Jain

Talent Acquisition Trends 2022

The pandemic has completely transformed how we work and significantly impacted the talent acquisition strategy of organizations worldwide. Remote working and hybrid workplaces have become a norm today. According to Microsoft’s Work Trend Index, 66% of employers are now redesigning their workplace to accommodate hybrid working styles. Additionally, the widening skill gap, shrinking talent pool, record job openings, and changing candidate expectations have forced recruiters to transform their talent acquisition strategy.

Organizations optimize their recruitment practices according to the changing trends in talent acquisition. Incorporating the latest hiring practices is the only way for them to source the best talent across industries and keep hiring woes at bay.

This article will highlight the top talent acquisition trends that will define 2022 and beyond.

Top Talent Acquisition Trends Post Pandemic

Top Three Talent Acquisition Trends for 2022

  1. Digitally Adept Recruitment Strategy & Automated Tools

  • Data-Driven Talent Acquisition: In 2022, the talent acquisition strategy will be consistently data-driven. The leaders in Talent acquisition will use requisition technology that will facilitate data-driven recruitment. The latest talent acquisition strategy is to hire new candidates using real-time analytics and insights, using the existing database of new hires and available talent.
  • Automation: The availability of big data has brought automation to the recruitment sector. Talent acquisition processes have become streamlined and efficient with the help of automated tools used to analyze data. Artificial Intelligence (AI) based technology has simplified recruiters’ administrative work, making them more productive. TA specialists can also use AI to improve the Applicant Tracking Systems (ATS) for processing vast volumes of data, thereby increasing hiring efficiency.
  • Advanced Screening Tools: The use of advanced screening tools such as skill tests and behavioral assessment tests is another emerging trend in talent recruitment in 2022. Although skill tests have been available for long, many organizations still rely on screening resumes and conducting interviews. However, recruiters now want to use screening tools that produce quantifiable data on candidates’ skills and abilities. Talent Acquisition Tools (TAT) designed to test candidates’ competency based on job role and industry requirements will also be trending in 2022.
  1. Recruitment Process

  • Remote Working: The future trend for talent acquisition is to recruit a globally dispersed workforce hired remotely. Many companies have started hiring individual employees from all over the world and working in a complete remote setup. Hiring freelance talent will also be strategic for businesses as there will be more choices to hire the best non-payroll talent.
  • Diverse Workforce: After the pandemic, businesses have redefined the definition of a global workforce. More and more companies are working with a globally diverse workforce operating from different countries and working across different time zones.
  • Focus on D&I (Diversity and Inclusion): Business leaders will emphasize their D&I efforts. A global workforce is known to bring cultural diversity to an organization fuelling innovation, boosting creativity, and propelling productivity. Organizations will extensively use talent evaluation tools designed to eliminate bias from recruitment and hiring processes to support D&I initiatives.
  • Proactive Engagement: This is perhaps an unusual hiring trend, but human resource teams are now proactively engaging candidates early in the recruitment process. The focus is on building a relationship with candidates during the hiring process and pursuing them to join the organization instead of competitors. This practice will gain impetus given the skill shortage and shrinking talent pool.
  • Internal Mobility Programs: Internal recruitment will play a pivotal role in the talent acquisition strategy for the future. Hiring internal candidates speeds up the recruitment process and reduces recruitment costs. Internal mobility also ensures that candidates stay culturally aligned to the organization, positively impacting employee referrals and retention.
  • Hire the best recruiters– Whether its agency recruiters or those working in the human resource departments, organizations need to work with the best recruiters to hire top talent. Outsourcing recruitment process to offshore recruiters will be the trend in 2022 and beyond to bring scalability and efficiency to the talent acquisition process. Multi-channel recruitment and offshore agencies will expand your reach and improve your chances of finding the top talent. At the same time outsourcing recruitment and talent acquisition will help overcome problems of skills shortage, identifying talent gap, sourcing, screening and database portal management alongside other administrative tasks such as payroll management, time sheet maintenance and more.
  1. Employee Experience

  • Personalized Employee Experience: Employees want to work in an inclusive environment where they can grow. Companies will focus on building talent engagement strategies where employees receive a personalized experience inclusive of their individual needs and motivation.
  • Focus on Talent Development: Talent mobility and advancement programs will become extremely important, focusing on retaining employees and maximizing their potential. Talent management programs to build winning teams will be a significant part of the talent sourcing strategy. These include helping employees chart their potential career paths for a long-term association with the company.
  • Remodify Employee Engagement: There will be a renewed focus on employee engagement in 2022 as the workforce will remain distributed and diverse. Remote working will remain commonplace, and organizations need to remodify their employee engagement efforts for in-office and at-home workers.
  • Employee Wellness Support: The key themes for 2022 will be workplace culture, emphasizing employee health and well-being. Supporting employee wellness is critical while preparing to tackle issues such as employee mental health, burnout, resilience, and the intangible effects of the pandemic.

The changing digital landscape requires recruiters to anticipate skill gaps and hire workers with appropriate technical and interpersonal skills to work in digitally adept, remote organizations.

Getting Your Talent Acquisition Strategy Right

Do you want a talent acquisition strategy that keeps you ahead of your competitors? The pandemic has transformed the way we work and how organizations recruit and manage talent.

From remote working to a global workforce, better employee experience to advanced screening tools, recruitment processes have undergone a massive transformation. You need the best recruiters with the most advanced, up-to-date hiring skills to help you source the best candidates in the current job market.

At QXRS, we outsource staffing services to help recruitment agencies meet all their talent acquisition requirements.

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Topics: Outsource Staffing Services, Recruitment Process Outsourcing, Talent Acquisition

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