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Optimize your talent pool and scale your recruiting service delivery capability

Outsourced Recruitment Database & Portal Management Support to elevate recruiting efficiency

As an industry estimate and as per the Data and Marketing Association, approximately 20-25% of all business data pertaining to recruiting business in the US become obsolete or outdated. And these numbers may well have climbed up in 2020. The value of that outdated data is closer to nil if it isn’t updated regularly. It is also essential to have the database organized, as the cluttered data would only make it difficult for your recruiters to find the right candidate from it in a timely manner. An obsolete and disorganized internal recruiting portal limits your service delivery capability and dampens your revenue and business growth.

Therefore, it is essential to keep your candidate pool and portal updated and organized regularly. Leave this mid-office recruiting activity in the capable hands of an offshore admin staffing partner.

QX Global Group offers outsourced candidate database management and portal management service to staffing agencies in the US, consisting of continual resume database regeneration, cleansing and optimization activities.

Our recruitment experts understand the need to eliminate obsolete candidate records and generate new data continually through smart candidate database management to help your recruiting business operate and grow smoothly. And on the same lines, QX offers recruitment database cleansing/regeneration service to refresh, update, and validate the candidate database, giving it value, which can translate into meaningful business.

Through this service, our team of database cleansing and regeneration professionals regenerate and transform your redundant talent portal into an up-to-date treasure trove of candidates – re-establishing contact with lapsed candidates and updating all their essential details and availability, thereby improving the quality of your internal database and ATS, directly contributing towards the increase in your bottom line.

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Why outsource Candidate Database Regeneration & Optimization Process To QX:

Why outsource Candidate Database Regeneration & Optimization Process to QX

  • Quality Talent Pooling Bringing Active and Passive Candidates, Even with Hard-To-Find Skillsets, into Your Ats
  • Scale Up Your Recruitment Service Capacity
  • Cost Effective
  • Bespoke Candidate Tagging and Segmenting Tasks Make Searchability Easier for Your Inhouse Team

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