QX Unveils Virtual Workers ADAM & EVE as a part of its Automation CoE

Posted on September 26, 2019
Written By QX Global Group

QX Unveils Virtual Workers ADAM & EVE as a part of its Automation CoE

We are proud and excited to announce the launch of ADAM (Automation Driven Advanced Machine) and EVE (Extraordinary Virtual Engine) – virtual worker bots created by QX’s Automation Centre of Excellence (CoE). ADAM takes complete control of all repetitive, time-intensive, mundane tasks while EVE handles all the cognitive/AI/ML based activities.

Based on Robotic, Cognitive and AI/ML technologies, ADAM and EVE will assist our operational teams by taking care of rules-based, repetitive and mundane activities and allow them to focus on activities that require skills unique to humans: creativity, critical thinking and strategy. At the same time, our clients will benefit from improved efficiency, higher accuracy, and reduced costs.

ADAM and EVE are a part of QX’s vision for the future, which is built upon delivering quality and excellence to our clients through a combination of the best People, Processes and Platforms. The Automation CoE contributes to our platform strength and will play a significant role in helping us realise our vision.

While intelligent automation technologies like RPA (robotic process automation), AI (artificial intelligence) and ML (machine learning) have been around for a while, not many companies in the BPO/KPO industry have been able to successfully leverage these technologies. The primary reason behind this is the disconnect between operations and technical teams.

At QX, we combine our deep operational expertise in the areas of finance, accounting and recruitment with the technical knowhow of our in-house Automation CoE to bridge this gap and develop solutions that actually work. In the words of Sourav Patnaik, Sr. Vice President and Head of Intelligent Automation:

“The chasm between operational teams on the floors and automation teams is one of the main reasons behind the limited success of RPA in BPO/KPO space. The QX Automation CoE works very closely with the operations teams and clients to identify activities that can be automated. Access to in-depth process understanding and business context enables the automation team to devise highly effective solutions that work in the real world.”


Mahesh Jain, CEO – QX F&A Services, spoke about the application of the technology:

“We are betting big on robotic process automation and cognitive solutions and see an opportunity to automate a wide range of finance, accounting and payroll activities. Our pilot for bank reconciliation automation is live on the floor and we expect to go live for several other functions, including accounts payable, within the next few weeks. I am confident that this initiative will help us pass on significant cost and efficiency benefits to our clients.”


QX plans to actively identify and automate repetitive and rules-based activities across its finance, accounting, payroll and recruitment operations. Elaborating the role of the virtual workers, Chris Robinson, Executive Chairman QX Ltd said:

“An army of virtual workers powered by ADAM and EVE are joining our operations staff as ‘buddies’, taking care of time-consuming, laborious and repetitive activities, allowing our employees to focus on high-value tasks. Within the next two years, we estimate that virtual workers will make up 25-30% of our workforce. And the best part is that the Automation CoE will enable our clients to take a major stride in their digital transformation journey without any costly investment in infrastructure or software technology.”


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To learn more about our Digital Transformation and Automation initiatives, please refer to our automation solutions or get in touch with us and speak with our automation experts.

Originally published Sep 26, 2019 12:09:49, updated Feb 18 2021


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