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The 8 Critical Steps that Can Be Managed by Order to Cash Process Outsourcing

Posted on September 25, 2023
Written By Siddharth Sujan


Order to cash process outsourcing is not only about outsourcing one consolidated process, but more about asking a services provider to manages many different connected activities. These activities need to be performed optimally for this process to meet its pre-determined tangible objectives.

There is no doubt, order to cash or O2C is a critical finance function and impacts numerous aspects of your business. Unfortunately, many companies can’t harness O2C full potential because they struggle with high attrition rates, lack of standardization, inability to scale, and many more challenges. The answer lies in outsourcing, and this infographic shows the various steps in the cash process covered by outsourcing. It is important to remember that not all outsourcing providers have the capabilities to handle all activities. More importantly, you might not want to outsource all activities and only those that you think will help deliver the most value to your organization.


Every aspect of the O2C cycle is critical for a business, and organizations are bound to suffer from a non-optimal O2C cycle. Outsourcing helps you get it right all the time.

A Ten Pointer on Choosing the Right Outsourcing Partner

  1. Research thoroughly.
  2. Shortlist trusted providers.
  3. Connect and discuss challenges.
  4. Evaluate solutions.
  5. Check references and certifications.
  6. Identify top contenders.
  7. Prioritize growth enablement.
  8. Seek reliable, long-term partners.
  9. Assess compatibility with your goals.
  10. Make a well-informed choice.

About QX Finance and Accounting

QX Finance & Accounting Services specialises in delivering personalised F&A services through its delivery centres in India & Mexico. Leveraging process optimisation, intelligent technology, and a large pool of highly qualified accounting and payroll professionals, we have enabled F&A transformation for businesses across crucial industries like recruitment, student housing, manufacturing & healthcare.

Originally published Sep 25, 2023 02:09:26, updated Sep 25 2023

Topics: Benefits of Outsourcing, Order-to-cash cycle, Outsourcing

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