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5 Ways CFOs & Finance Directors Can Streamline Procure to Pay for Multifamily Businesses

28 Jan 2022 | Tags: Multifamily, Procure-to-pay cycle

The COVID-19 outbreak was particularly hard on multifamily providers. For a sector known for its dyn...

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Your Ultimate Guide to Creating & Implementing Effective Credit Policies

26 Jan 2022 | Tags: Accounts Receivable Process, Credit Control Process

Traditionally, starting a new business was all about having faith in your product/service offering a...

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How to Do Accounts Payable Outsourcing Right the First Time: Top FAQs Answered

24 Jan 2022 | Tags: Accounts Payable Process

Considering its direct impact on the company cash flow, regulatory compliances and supplier relation...

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Top Accounts Receivable Problems Hurting Senior Living Businesses – And How to Solve Them

14 Jan 2022 | Tags: Accounts Receivable Process

Effectively managing accounts receivable is critical to any organization’s financial success. Howe...

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Top Accounts Payable Trends That Will Define Procurement in 2022

12 Jan 2022 | Tags: Accounts Payable Automation, Accounts Payable Optimisation

An efficient accounts payable process has always been at the heart of a streamlined finance function...

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Debt Management in Post-COVID World: How Outsourced Credit Control Holds the Key to Timely Payments

31 Dec 2021 | Tags: Credit Control Process

Whether the worst of the COVID-19 outbreak is over or yet to come, is something that can be debated ...

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Four Ways an Ordering System Can Transform Procure-to-Pay Process for Your Restaurant

31 Dec 2021 | Tags: Procure-to-pay cycle

If there’s one industry that has experienced the lowest lows during the pandemic outbreak, it has ...

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5 Order-to-Cash Process Outsourcing Red Flags

31 Dec 2021 | Tags: Order-to-cash cycle

Owing to its complex, multi-step nature, the order-to-cash (O2C) system is often regarded as one the...

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5 Ways How Outsourced Record-to-Report Services Define Success for Manufacturers

23 Dec 2021 | Tags: Record-to-report cycle

Owing to the business turmoil that has unfolded in the wake of the pandemic, the manufacturing indus...

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4 Ways an Automated Credit Control Function Can Transform Your Business

20 Dec 2021 | Tags: Credit Control Process

Businesses, irrespective of their size and operating industry, often end up spending a great deal of...

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