Introducing our new Country Head, North America: Ravi Kurani

Posted on March 19, 2021
Written By Snehal Sharma

Introducing our new Country Head, North America: Ravi Kurani

We are pleased to announce that we have appointed Ravi Kurani as QX Global Group’s Country Head, North America.

Ravi’s appointment is a clear reflection of QX’s current mindset: gearing up for a realisation of our global ambitions and the delivery of our core purpose of enabling transformation.

QX is poised for a major expansion in the accounting and recruitment sectors in the North American market. We’re excited about Ravi’s unique experience in turning accounting and recruitment outsourcing companies of our size into market leaders and how he’ll do that for us. There’s an enormous opportunity for QX that lies ahead, and we couldn’t be happier with Ravi joining our family and helping us and our customers achieve continued success.

Ravi re-joined us in March 2021 after serving as a Head of Business Development with a financial solutions provider based out of the Greater Boston Area. Ravi was a part of the QX Global Group from 2007 to 2018. In his last role, he was a Global Head of Business Development at QX, applying business transformation thinking into the front, middle and back-office areas of our client’s businesses to drive innovation and automation

Ravi brings a great deal of knowledge and senior-level experience to this role. Under his leadership, he helped grow QX into an accounting outsourcing powerhouse and expanded our recruitment offerings. His vast experience will be invaluable as we invest to help our North American clients transform every aspect of their business using a clever combination of people, processes, and technology.


For additional details on the news please see our official press release.

Originally published Mar 19, 2021 07:03:33, updated Dec 08 2021


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