How QX became one of the fastest growing UK companies in India

Posted on October 13, 2023
Written By QX Global Group

How QX became one of the fastest growing UK companies in India

QX Global Group has been named on the Britain Meets India Growth Tracker 2023 for being one of the fastest growing companies. A prestigious list that Grant Thornton launches in partnership with the Confederation of Indian Industry and supported by the UK government’s Department for Business and Trade (DBT).

But how did we achieve this incredible result and how did we manage it? Chris Robinson, Founder and Executive Chairman of QX, talks about our rapid growth and how we managed it in this blog.

The Growth of QX Global Group

Growth is an incredible thing but it’s not always easy. Transitioning from a startup in 2003 to a scale-up enterprise in 2023 takes a lot of dedication and time.

“We are very proud of how we managed this growth & subsequent listing on the Britain Meets India 2023 Growth Tracker. Our teams across the UK, Europe, USA, Mexico, and India work incredibly hard, for our clients and partners. At QX, we aim to work together efficiently with our clients, making those geographical boundaries virtually disappear. We continuously challenge ourselves to envision beyond the current scenario and consistently go the extra mile.”

This is what makes QX unique. This acknowledgement from Grant Thornton Bharat LLP of our growth and commitment to the India-UK business corridor is a testament QX’s long-standing presence and expertise in the UK market. In the last year we have experience substantial turnover growth, earning us the recognition as one of the top UK employers in India and the 27th fastest growing UK company in India.

Key statistics

The Britain Meets India Growth Tracker 2023 made us realize the impact of the growth on our company. While it’s always a pleasure to be recognized and get public attention, it has also prompted us to reflect on the results and successes we have achieved together since we were founded in 2003. And, of course, to celebrate them!

Want to be part of our QX family?

Visit our QX careers page to see how you can strengthen our team. Browse through a selection of our case studies to find out how you can strengthen your business.

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