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How Can Outsourcing Improve Your Recruiting Process?

Posted on December 21, 2022
Written By Aanchal Jain

How Outsourcing Improves Recruiting

The recruitment industry is rapidly evolving, and recruiters who want to excel are adapting new-age hiring technology. Manual hiring is no longer the most effective recruiting strategy, giving way to automation and data-driven hiring tech. Hiring in a candidate-driven market is challenging for recruiters, and there is a dire need to transform recruiting processes and seek expert assistance to improve overall hiring efficiency. Keeping up with the latest recruiting trends and tech, Outsourcing has emerged as a great solution to improving the hiring process effectiveness. Offshore RPO services help staffing businesses quickly find suitable candidates, streamline the recruitment process, build a robust talent pipeline for the future, and create a positive candidate experience, ensuring recruiting success.

Before we understand how recruitment process outsourcing helps to improve hiring efficiency, let’s understand the metrics used for measuring the effectiveness of a recruiting process.

Recruiting KPI’s to measure the Effectiveness of the Hiring Process

Hiring managers can use the Key Performance Indicators (KPIs) to measure the efficiency of the recruitment process. It provides insights on what areas to improve and how to enhance the value and ROI of the recruitment process.

  1. Hiring Time

The first vital metric to measure the performance of your recruiting process is the time taken to hire. Hiring managers frequently use this KPI to measure the time involved in finding and hiring suitable candidates in the recruitment workflow. This is measured in terms of the number of days it took for the candidate to accept the job offer from the first time a recruiter reached out to them. According to the Society for Human Resource Management (SHRM), the average time to hire is 36 working days. Recruiters aspire to reduce this time by eliminating time-consuming tasks from the recruiting process and using automation and technology to streamline the recruiting process.

  1. Sourcing Channel

Many online and offline sourcing channels are available, and recruiters must recognize the most effective sourcing channel to find and hire suitable candidates. Investing money and time in sourcing channels yielding good results is better. Ideally, the effectiveness of sourcing channels can be measured by dividing the number of hires through a channel by the total number of applications received through that channel. The goal of identifying the optimal sourcing channel is to save costs.

A Recruiter’s Guide to Sourcing Channels

  1. Offer Acceptance Rate

The offer acceptance rate is a useful metric that indicates the company’s reputation, process effectiveness, and candidate experience. It refers to the percentage of accepted job offers. If the offer acceptance rate is low, there may be problems with the company’s reputation and branding, the salary, compensation, and benefits offered, or the candidate’s experience and engagement. Understanding this crucial metric will help improve the hiring process’s effectiveness.

  1. Hiring Quality

This is a crucial metric that helps to determine the value new hires bring to the organization. Considering the pre-hire and post-hire performance helps to measure the quality of hires and understand their contribution to the company. The quality of hires is a top priority for most companies, and this metric directly impacts employee job satisfaction, productivity, and retention rate.

How can Outsourcing make recruiting more effective?

Improving the hiring process largely depends on streamlining the recruiting activities to optimize the costs and time involved while enhancing the quality of hire. Recruitment process outsourcing offers many benefits allowing hiring managers to fine-tune the full cycle recruiting process and provide a positive candidate experience. Transforming the recruitment process with offshore RPO services and Outsourcing makes it more effective in the following ways:

  1. Improving Candidate Experience

Providing a positive candidate experience directly impacts a company’s brand image and reputation in the job market. Candidates are more likely to accept job offers when they get a positive experience during the recruitment process. Outsourcing recruitment process allows companies to hire dedicated full cycle recruiters to guide candidates through each stage of the recruitment process ensuring better engagement and maintaining good relationships.

  1. Lower Hiring Costs

RPO companies have automated recruiting solutions for candidate sourcing and screening of applications which helps them reduce recruiting costs. Many staffing agencies use outdated technology for finding suitable candidates, such as ineffective sourcing channels and job boards. They spend a lot of money on the wrong sources leading to high recruiting costs with lower efficiency. Offshore RPO companies use the latest tools and technologies for candidate sourcing and help to lower hiring costs by finding better quality candidates in lesser time.

  1. Scalable Solutions

One of the greatest advantages of outsourcing the recruitment process is flexibility and scalability. Offshore RPO companies allow staffing agencies to hire RPO solutions according to their hiring requirement and client demand. Scalability helps them save huge admin costs and overheads in lean seasons with low hiring requirements and helps them make the most of all opportunities during peak season by scaling up their offshore recruiting team.

  1. Improving Hiring Quality

Recruitment outsourcing makes the recruiting process more effective by improving the quality of hires. Offshore recruitment specialists help find the best-fit candidates from extensive candidate data. Hiring managers working on multiple projects at a time have lots of vacancies with different skill sets and requirements to fill. Outsourcing helps to streamline the process and make specialists hire for a specific role. Outsourced recruiters can conduct detailed searches and have access to localized candidate data and a vast pipeline of active and passive candidates to source the best-fit candidates.

The Best Offshore RPO Company

Recruitment outsourcing services for staffing agencies are gaining popularity worldwide for the many benefits it offers to recruitment businesses. Offshoring with RPO companies such as the QX Global Group helps staffing companies scale their business operations, increase their service delivery capacity, and save costs on admin and overheads by up to 60%. QX offers a range of RPO services from its offshore and nearshore centers in India and Mexico for US and UK staffing agencies. QX Recruitment Services allow staffing businesses to build dedicated offshore recruiting teams to support their in-house team and facilitate outsourcing the recruitment process completely or in parts, such as candidate sourcing, payroll, admin and compliance, or full cycle recruiting.

With an experience of 20+ years of working with recruitment agencies all over the world and catering to staffing requirements for different sectors, QX has RPO solutions to meet each client’s needs. If you want to learn more about how we can help you improve your recruiting process and make it more effective, connect with us for a free consultation today.


Originally published Dec 21, 2022 02:12:02, updated Jun 25 2024

Topics: Offshore RPO Services, Recruitment Outsourcing

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