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Middle Office RPO Solutions

QX Global Group’s outsourced mid office recruitment services bring process efficiency to your recruiting service line and give your agency in the US an edge against the competition.

While your agency’s front office service such as sourcing can be top quality, if you lag in administrative tasks such as formatting resumes or keeping CV database updated, your overall staffing capability is bound to suffer. Moreover, these daily tasks take away much time and efforts of your inhouse agency team, which is better utilized elsewhere towards core business functionalities.

Outsource middle office recruiting processes to a recruitment agency based out of offshore locations such as India to bring efficiency to your strategy and gain added advantages of scalability, flexibility, and cost-savings.


CV Formatting
Deliver candidate CVs to your customers in formats of their preference, or define a template of your choice to make resumes easily scannable and readable, even facilitating process automation.

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Database & Portal Management
Your database is the best source of quality talent you have at your disposal. Keep it updated daily – adding new candidates, update outdated ones, removing duplicates etc. – and revitalize your staffing capacity.

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Reference Chasing & Checking
Reference Chasing & Checking

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