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Credit Control Service

Secure your recruitment company cash flow with QX credit control outsourcing service.

Credit Control specialists are crucial to businesses. They are responsible for optimizing cash flow, mitigating bad debts, deliver healthy profits, empower companies to operate efficiently and grow rapidly. Without their presence, these organizations would struggle to function proficiently and limit their service delivery capability. However, right credit controllers may be hard to find, and the ones that fit the bill may turn out to be too expensive. Therefore, you must find the credit-control expert that fills your business need like a glove without incurring hefty cost – and you know that your agency’s cash flow is in safe hands.

Consider partnering up with an offshore RPO agency that offers outsourced credit control service. Working with an RPO agency contributes towards minimizing business overheads, and enables you to work closely with a team of experts with extensive experience and training.

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Why choose QX Global Group as your offshore credit control outsourcing partner

QX Global Group offers outsourced recruitment credit control service to staffing companies in the US.

Our offshore RPO team will ensure that your organization’s cash flow remains healthy, and you keep on receiving timely payments adhering to necessary compliances and maintaining process excellence. Our team maintain high-touch communication with your customers intending to give them the most satisfactory recruitment experience and strengthen the professional relationship.

Tailored to meet your staffing needs, our credit control team adopts a structured method to optimize and run your credit control process. We coordinate with you to define a chasing strategy, with definite KPIs and numbers set around credit limit and reminders to be sent to customers (emails/phone calls). You will be provided with a clear and easy-to-read report which will give you measurable information around cost reductions achieved and credit-control process optimization.


Strategic benefits of outsourcing the credit control process to QX

  • Increased process efficiency
  • Cost reduction
  • Ensure global compliance
  • Safeguard business with reduced risk
  • Increased flexibility

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