R2R Overview

Enable Smarter Business Decisions with R2R and FP&A Outsourcing

Todays global businesses are looking for solutions to reduce the cost and optimize the efficiency of their Finance and Accounting (F&A) functions. Increased regulatory pressures and business demands for granular data make record-to-report (R2R) and financial planning & analysis (FP&A) central functions for today’s finance departments.

Transform your R2R and FP&A process with faster closures, improved compliance, and enhanced decision making.

QX leverages process optimization, experienced staff and intelligent technology to help organizations transform their R2R and FP&A functions. We follow a customized approach and understand your processes & business objectives to ensure that you are able to achieve standardization and implement digitization.


Digitize, automate and transform your R2R and FP&A function
Reduce the turnaround time for month-end closing and management reporting
Get reliable support to share information for internal and external audits
Access up-to-date and accurate information for every area of your business
Scale the number of resources to fulfil any spike in demand for reporting
Ensure strict adherence to GAAP and other industry norms

Our Solutions


Maintaining a general ledger account is a critical finance function that can help businesses take key decisions, ensure compliance and generate relevant financial reports. QX Global Group’s General Ledger Accounting solutions allow businesses to improve efficiency, bring down operational costs and shift focus to key business activities.



Successful businesses are more likely to invest heavily in its treasury management systems as they play a key role in boosting efficiency pertaining to key accounting functions and reducing risks. The QX team follows a unique partnership approach that allows us to work closely with our clients to understand their unique organizational needs and delivery highly customized treasury management solutions.



Successful businesses end up spending great amount of time and resources in conducting regular audits. As a part of its R2R and FP&A solutions, QX Global Group offers bespoke Audit Support solutions that introduce a team of skilled auditors to your business. Partner with QX to get expert support in data analysis, documentation or any other audit-related tasks to reduce the burden on in-house teams.



Businesses often rely heavily on financial planning & analysis to accurately interpret financial data and analyze business performance to propel business growth. QX Global Group offers bespoke FP&A solutions that help businesses pull data from critical business functions and analyze it with an unbiased approach.



Managing sales tax is a critical finance function for businesses in the US as it can put organizations at the risk of missed deadlines, sky-high interest rates and late payment penalties. As a part of its R2R and FP&A solutions, QX Global Group offers bespoke Sales Tax Compliance solutions that give businesses expert support in accounting, preparation & reconciliation and frees up onshore teams from redundant tasks.



Onshore finance teams often end up overlooking fixed assets management – failing to track the location, quantity, condition, and maintenance & depreciation status. QX Global Group’s outsourced Fixed Assets Management solutions allow businesses to introduce a dedicated team of professionals that maintain a reliable and accurate fixed asset inventory.


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Software Capabilities

The QX team works with a wide range of software to transform R2R processes for our clients. We are also open to working with your existing systems or any other software that might suit your business needs better.

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