Executive Search & Headhunting Services

Executive Search & Headhunting Services

Headhunt the best-fit, hard-to-find Top Management Executives with innovative recruitment strategies.

Discovery Call

Outsourced recruitment support for executive search firms and headhunting.

QX Global Group Executive Search services help recruitment and staffing firms identify, source, and place these exemplary, distinctive top management and leadership staff into job positions across a wide range of sectors in the UK. Our executive search and headhunting services offer support from sourcing experts and recruiters who excel at adopting an innovative, out-of-the-box approach to hire top management/senior resources and fill business-critical and ‘hard-to-fill’ niche roles.

If you are looking to find leaders with the right skills and experience, ones who can define and build progressive corporate strategies and fit into the company culture like a glove, get QX’s outsourced executive search and headhunting services.

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Audit Support Services

Improve Quality of Hire

Create talent pools and attract the best candidates globally with a high-touch approach to sourcing & screening.

Access Global Talent

Dedicated Team of Experts

Work with offshore recruitment teams with experience and expertise in specific niche skill sets or industries.

Targeted Global Reach

Increased reach at a global level helps the agency gain access to an extensive network within a specific sector.

Recruitment Tech Access

Access to recruitment tech and a streamlined process speeds up the top management recruiting process.

Save Time & Cut Costs

Reduce recruitment costs with offshore staffing support, and work with trained and experienced recruiters proficient in headhunting executives.

Process Optimization

Streamlined Recruitment Process

Remove inefficiencies and optimise processes to scale service delivery with improved quality.



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Tech Staffing Agency Generates £300,000 Revenue in 9 months with outsourced Candidate Sourcing Support

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A leading IT recruitment agency makes more than £1,000,000 in-direct gross profit in 2 years!

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Healthcare Staffing Agency improves its service delivery capability with outsourced Compliance Check & Management Support

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