Treasury Management

Customised treasury management solutions to meet your organisational needs


An experienced treasury management staff is critical to businesses of all sizes, across industries. These systems are vital for reducing risks and boosting efficiency pertaining to key accounting functions like transferring funds to suppliers across the globe or receiving funds.

QX holds rich experience in understanding your unique business needs and delivering highly customised treasury management services for your organisation. Improve efficiency, implement automation and experience significant cost savings with QX Global Group’s Treasury Management Service.

Planning to outsource your company’s Treasury Management?


Outsourcing Solutions for Efficient Treasury Management

Industry Expertise

Benefit from QX’s rich industry experience to set up a team of skilled treasury managers for your business

Reduced Cost

Experience costs savings in treasury management by adapting a cost-effective outsourcing model

End-to-end Compliance

Ensure that your internal controls for all treasury transactions are maintained hierarchy-wise and adhere to your organisation’s finance policy

Scalability and flexibility

Enjoy the flexibility of directly assigning tasks to your dedicated resources and experience business growth

Treasury Management Service Offerings

Bank Relations & Administration

Build stronger banking relations and seamlessly manage administration tasks with a team of skilled treasury managers

Cashflow Statement Reporting

Benefit from insightful reporting on changes in balance sheet accounts and income to take better informed business decisions

Cash Management & Forecasting

Mitigate risks, improve project planning and promote business growth through accurate cash flow forecasting

Software Capabilities

The QX Global Group works with a combination of software to implement seamless treasury management for your organisation. We also work with any additional software that might suit your business needs.

Speak to our experts and learn more about QX Global Group’s Treasury Management Service.