Audit Support

Outsourced audit support to improve pre-audit preparations


Auditing is a crucial function for businesses, irrespective of the size and industry. Companies conduct regular audits to ensure compliance, identify areas of business improvement and detect & prevent frauds. However, the pre-audit preparation process can often be laborious and time-consuming – taking the onshore team’s focus away from critical functions and draining them out.

QX Global Group offers a bespoke Audit Support solution as a part of its R2R services – allowing companies to introduce a team of trained auditors to provide support in data analysis, documentation or any other assistance your finance leaders need.

Ensure streamlined company audits with Audit Support

Reduced Audit Time

Add agility to your audit process by introducing a team of trained auditors for pre-audit preparation

Unbiased Approach

Leverage the industry expertise of QX team to get assistance in conducting unbiased, detailed and accurate business audits

Data Security

Partner with a GDPR compliant firm to ensure end-to-end safety and integrity of your business data

Scalable Solutions

Seamlessly conduct accurate audits for your rapidly growing organisation with our experts’ assistance

Seeking expert assistance for your audit teams?

Audit Support Service Offerings

Provide support to your auditing teams with QX Global Group’s outsourced Audit Support solutions

Document preparation
Financial statements preparation
Financial data & revenue analysis
Technical research & guidance
Quality assessments
Audit reviews & reporting

Software Capabilities

The QX Global Group team banks on the power of digital led innovation to add agility to your company audits. We also work with any additional software that might suit your business needs.

Learn how QX’s Audit Support can help you conduct unbiased and accurate company audits.