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The role of a Human Resource (HR) professional has become extremely fluid over the last few years. Modern business owners expect their HR teams to focus on finding, recruiting and retaining talent as well as contribute to company growth through strategic functions.

In such dynamic scenarios, balancing business-driving responsibilities with traditional HR functions like payroll, audits and reporting can leave HR departments feeling overburdened.

Backed by a unique partnership approach, QX Global Group offers a range of Human Resource Support Services that are suited for companies of all sizes, across industries. Partner with QX to provide your HR teams with professional support and experience the transformation.

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Payroll Administration

Performing an accurate and timely payroll is essential for every organization, irrespective of the company size and industry. However, the time-intensive nature of the payroll process often keeps key resources from focusing on strategic functions. With its Payroll Administration service, QX provides you with end-to-end support solution that lowers cost, ensures compliance and enables transformation.

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Regulatory Reporting & Compliance

One of the most common challenges faced by HR departments across industries revolves around keeping up with the constantly changing regulatory requirements. QX Global Group offers a bespoke Regulatory Reporting & Compliance service that facilitates seamless reporting & compliance through a dedicated team of experts.

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Audit Assistance

Conducting regular and in-depth internal HR audits ensures timely analysis of company operations, compliance and generation of transformative reports. However, such audits put extreme administrative burden on company resources. Exemplifying its unique partnership approach, QX Global Group offers an Audit Assistance service – introducing a team of experienced accountants to support your business. Benefit from the industry experience of our auditors to conduct efficient audits, generate impact-driven reports and meet all compliance measures.

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Payroll Reporting

Reporting makes for a key component of running staff payroll as it enables an organisation to report employee data, record company transactions and meet compliance measures. With a rich industry experience, QX Global Group offers a dedicated Payroll Reporting service that is guaranteed to result in timely & accurate reporting, save IT infrastructure costs and ensure compliance support.

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