Empowering Recruiters: Five Automation Tools to Boost Efficiency in Sourcing

Posted on February 20, 2024
Written By Swati Singh

Revolutionising Candidate Sourcing in recruitment with Automation Tools

In the fast-paced and ever-changing realm of recruitment, connecting with the right candidate swiftly and efficiently is more important than ever. Today’s recruiters are on a constant quest to refine their recruitment sourcing techniques, and automation is emerging as a game-changer in this arena. Let’s dive into five groundbreaking tools that are transforming the way we approach sourcing in recruitment: QX ReCo 360, Fetcher, HireVue, Humanly and SpringVerify. Each of these tools brings something unique to the table and enhancing the methods for sourcing candidates in recruitment.

1. QX ReCo 360: Specialised in healthcare recruitment

QX ReCo 360 is a premier recruitment automation tool tailored for the healthcare industry, seamlessly integrating artificial intelligence (AI) with specialist expertise to optimise the recruitment process. This platform is crafted with a keen focus on simplifying compliance, registration, and booking, while emphasising the human aspect of recruitment. It allows recruiters to prioritise meaningful interactions with candidates. Through its algorithm, QX ReCo 360 adeptly identifies candidates who meet specific compliance and role criteria, with a dedicated team ensuring each candidate list is refined and high-caliber.

The software streamlines sourcing in recruitment and compliance management through a dynamic dashboard for real-time compliance oversight, automatic legislative updates to maintain current standards, and automated reminders to improve worker compliance. Its customisable nature and robust mobile app facilitate better interactions between candidates and consultants, streamlining the management of compliance, bookings, and documentation. Advanced search algorithms and comprehensive reporting tools aid in effective candidate matching and offer detailed insights into compliance, significantly boosting operational efficiency, minimising administrative tasks, and improving data visibility. QX ReCo 360 is thus recognised as a cost-effective and performance-oriented solution for staffing firms and healthcare recruitment.


  • Blends AI efficiency with human expertise for high-quality candidate selection.
  • Provides strategic insights through detailed trend and compliance reports, aiding in decision-making.
  • – Enhances cost-effectiveness and operational performance, beneficial for staffing firms.


  • The platform’s complexity and the breadth of customisation options may require an initial learning period.
  • Primarily designed for healthcare recruitment, other sectors might need substantial customisation.
  • Integration with existing systems may require additional resources.

2. Fetcher: Specialised AI Sourcing & Outreach

Fetcher is a cutting-edge recruitment automation tool that expertly combines artificial intelligence (AI) and human expertise to streamline the hiring process. This innovative platform is designed to focus on the human aspect of recruitment, enabling recruiters to concentrate on engaging with candidates. Fetcher’s algorithm efficiently identifies the most suitable candidates based on specific search criteria. To ensure the highest quality, each candidate list is carefully reviewed and customized by a team of sourcing specialists, guaranteeing that only the top candidates are presented to users.

Fetcher encompasses a range of features tailored for streamlined recruitment. Its Automated Candidate Curation melds automation with human insight, ensuring quality and relevance in candidate selection. Effective Outreach Tools enable efficient, personalised communication with candidates. The platform offers Comprehensive Analytics for tracking team performance and candidate progression. Its Seamless Integration capabilities allow for smooth connectivity with platforms like Slack, Gmail, Outlook, and various Applicant Tracking Systems (ATS), boosting workflow efficacy. Additionally, a Calendar Scheduling Plugin facilitates swift, bespoke interview scheduling, enhancing the recruitment cycle’s efficiency.


  • Precision in AI-driven sourcing with a user-friendly interface.
  • Effective outreach, engaging candidates through personalised messages.
  • Responsive customer support enhances user experience.


  • Occasional software bugs and glitches.
  • Potential mismatches in candidate qualifications requiring adjustments in search criteria.

3. HireVue: AI Recruiting for Large Enterprises

HireVue is optimised for large-scale hiring, blending virtual assistance with human support. Its Virtual Hiring Assistant screens candidates, guides them to job openings, and manages scheduling. The platform emphasises reducing bias and increasing diversity.

It is an AI-driven recruiting platform, automates various hiring workflows through features like video interviewing, assessments, scheduling, and text message recruiting. Its technology focuses on reducing human bias and enhancing diversity. A standout feature is the Virtual Hiring Assistant, which effectively screens candidates, directs them to suitable job openings, schedules interviews, and manages events while maintaining communication with candidates. This blend of AI and human interaction is carefully designed to keep recruiters updated, reflecting HireVue’s commitment to balancing technology with human oversight.


  • Frees up recruiters’ time with initial screens and automated messaging.
  • Transparent pricing structure and excellent customer support.
  • Ability to change playback speed of interviews for time-saving.


  • Higher cost making it less affordable for smaller organisations.
  • Limited free trial options and integration partners.

4. Humanly: Ideal for Mid-Market Companies

Humanly excels in mid-market company recruitment. This AI-powered recruitment tool assists in various aspects of the hiring process. It offers automated screening and interview scheduling, simplifying the initial stages of recruitment. Additionally, Humanly provides AI-generated interview notes, which assist recruiters in concentrating on their interactions with candidates, enhancing the quality of human conversations. The automation tool also includes AI-driven email follow-ups, ensuring efficient and timely communication with applicants. Another significant feature is its AI-powered interview analysis, which delivers insightful evaluations of candidate interviews, aiding recruiters in making informed decisions.


  • Efficient AI-generated interview assistance with analytics.
  • Simplifies multiple stages of the recruitment process, focusing on human conversations.


  • Requires setup time to fully utilise AI features.
  • Limited customisation in some aspects.

5. SpringVerify: Advanced Background Checks

SpringVerify, an AI and blockchain-powered background check provider, enhances hiring processes with several key features. It offers a user-friendly portal, significantly improving the candidate experience by allowing individuals to easily submit their personal information and track the status of their background checks. Additionally, SpringVerify ensures seamless integration with popular tools through its API capabilities. Another notable aspect is its expertise in compliance, ensuring that all background checks are conducted in accordance with relevant laws and regulations, thus maintaining high standards of integrity and reliability in the hiring process.


  • Streamlines the background check process with a focus on candidate experience.
  • Compliance expertise adds a layer of reliability.


  • User interface challenges for some.
  • Integration issues with certain ATS systems.


The integration of automation in candidate sourcing is revolutionising the recruitment industry. Tools like QX ReCo 360, Fetcher, HireVue and more provide recruiters with the means to enhance their efficiency and effectiveness dramatically. By leveraging these innovative automation tools, recruiters can navigate the complexities of talent acquisition, ensuring a competitive edge in the dynamic field of recruitment.

Originally published Feb 20, 2024 02:02:44, updated Feb 27 2024


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