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How to Choose the Right RPO Model for Your Business?

Posted on January 06, 2023
Written By Aanchal Jain

RPO Model of recruitment process outsourcing companies

Recruitment process outsourcing companies offer various types of RPO services through different RPO models to support a business’s recruiting needs. These recruitment outsourcing services are highly customizable, offering flexibility and scalability to companies of all sizes with the exact level of support needed. But before your business can truly benefit from RPO services, knowing which RPO model best suits your requirements is essential. There are many types of RPO Models available to choose from, such as Project RPO, Enterprise RPO, Hybrid RPO, and On-demand RPO. Let’s take a look at the different RPO models and the factors that help you choose the right one for your business.

Types of RPO Models | How to choose the right RPO model for your business?

  1. Enterprise RPO

The Enterprise RPO model, sometimes called the full cycle RPO or end-to-end RPO, is the complete recruitment process outsourcing service. It engages external recruiters who work as an extension to your own team, managing every aspect of the talent acquisition strategy and handling each stage of the recruiting life cycle from requisition to onboarding.

When to choose Enterprise RPO Model?
If you want to scale your hiring and transform your recruiting process, then Enterprise RPO is the right option for your business. It helps to centralize the hiring operations and efficiently tackles large volume hiring demand from clients. While this model allows flexibility, it lacks standardization in the hiring procedures.
  1. Project RPO

Project RPO supports hiring for specific projects or functions with outsourcing support. It ensures proper execution and hiring for a project-based requirement and allows the in-house recruiting team to carry on with the day-to-day or regular hiring requirements. Project RPO facilitates expert hiring for product launches and helps the company tackle compliance and management functions.

When to choose Project RPO Model?
Project RPO Model is great for short-term hiring or when hiring targets are to be achieved in a specific time. You can also choose Project-based RPO when you want to test a new RPO partner or when you need to check if outsourcing recruitment process aligns with your current talent acquisition strategy.
  1. Hybrid RPO Model/ Contingent RPO

Hybrid RPO takes care of a business’s permanent and contingent hiring needs. Sometimes also referred to as MSP recruitment outsourcing services, this RPO service provides flexibility to choose which hiring requisitions must be outsourced or insourced. Hybrid RPO or contingent RPO services help build a robust talent pipeline of contingent workforce with offshore RPO providers’ support and allow the business to focus on their long-term or permanent hiring requisitions.

When to choose a Hybrid/Contingent RPO Model?
Contingent recruitment outsourcing services can be chosen for hiring a non-permanent/temporary workforce. Choose contingent RPO when you need to hire rapidly to cover seasonal demand or high-volume demand for a temp workforce. This type of RPO model also works well when you want to outsource all compliance management activities of the contingent workforce and allow more time for the in-house recruiting team to focus on core functions.
  1. On-Demand RPO Model

Recruitment process outsourcing companies offer the on-demand RPO model for specific recruitment processes such as candidate sourcing RPO services, compliance regulation services, admin and back-office recruitment outsourcing services, or employer branding. This type of model helps to take care of the contractual hiring needs or volatile requirements where staff hiring increases or decreases rapidly. RPO providers have access to a large talent pool allowing instant access to resources worldwide to tackle spikes in demand.

When to choose On-Demand RPO Model?
On-Demand RPO is best suited when a company needs access to a widespread network to choose from various resources. It is also ideal for maintaining workforce quality, efficiency, and hiring productivity during times of rapid changes and fluctuations in hiring demand. You can also have dedicated recruiters from your RPO provider to work onsite and fully integrate with your team when required.

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Choosing the right RPO Model and RPO Provider for your staffing needs

Recruitment process outsourcing (RPO) services can be used to leverage and transform your staffing business operations. Different RPO models can be implemented for flexible and scalable recruitment outsourcing solutions, such as Enterprise RPO, On-Demand RPO, or Contingent RPO. Offshore RPO services can result in cost savings of up to 60% and drastically improve hiring quality. To choose the right RPO model for your business, it is essential to consider your talent strategy and hiring volume requirements for the future. The best RPO providers offer flexible RPO models and have in place the required infrastructure, experience, footprint, and ability to deliver customized solutions.

If you want to know more about recruitment outsourcing services and which RPO model is the best for your staffing business, contact us for a free consultation call.

Originally published Jan 06, 2023 09:01:21, updated Feb 05 2024

Topics: Offshore RPO Services, Recruitment Process Outsourcing Companies, RPO Models, RPO Provider

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