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Topics: 360 Recruitment, Full Cycle Recruitment, Recruitment Outsourcing

Full Life Cycle Recruiting | Definition and Best Practices

Posted on May 13, 2022
Written By Aanchal Jain

Full life cycle recruiting definition

What is Full Life Cycle Recruiting?

Full life cycle recruiting is completing the entire recruitment process involving several phases or stages. Depending on the industry, company, and department, full cycle recruiting may be done by an individual or a team of HR professionals. The six stages of full life cycle recruiting are preparing, sourcing, screening, selection, hiring, and onboarding.

It refers to the planning and execution of the recruitment process from start to finish and is also known as end-to-end recruiting or 360 recruiting. Full cycle recruitment can be done by a recruiting agency or an individual full cycle recruiter. The recruiter starts the process from zero by identifying the talent gap and finishes the task by getting a suitable candidate on board.

The major difference between full life cycle recruitment and other recruitment processes is in the approach. Other types of recruitment activities take a fragmented approach where each stage of recruiting, such as candidate sourcing, screening, interview, etc., is handled by different specialists. However, full cycle recruiting is completed by one recruiter who oversees each phase of the recruitment life cycle.

Synonyms of Full Life Cycle Recruiting

  • Full Cycle Recruiting
  • Full-Cycle Recruitment
  • Full Life Cycle Recruitment
  • 360-degree Recruiting
  • 360 Recruiting
  • 360 Recruitment
  • Full Circle Recruiting
  • Life Cycle Recruiting
  • End to End Recruiting
  • Full Cycle Staffing
  • Recruitment Life Cycle

Who should be doing full life cycle recruiting?

In small businesses, complete 360 recruiting is done by a single recruiter. Typically, a department head or manager completes the full cycle recruitment process in smaller companies. Larger companies have separate human resource departments where either a single recruiter or a team of hiring professionals carry out full life cycle recruiting. There are dedicated divisions within the HR department to take care of each stage of the full cycle recruitment process in large corporations.

Full life cycle recruiting is also done by recruitment agencies on behalf of businesses with limited hiring resources. These recruitment or staffing agencies carry out full cycle recruitment or independent stages such as talent sourcing to help clients find suitable candidates.

Why should you do full life cycle recruiting?

There are various benefits of doing full cycle recruiting for small and mid-sized firms that do not have specialized departments for different recruiting stages. Full cycle recruiting brings operational efficiency for such firms.

Regardless of the size of an organization, there are two primary benefits of full life cycle recruiting:

  • Improved candidate experience
  • Streamlined recruitment process

Full cycle recruiting consolidates the entire recruiting process into one. A single entity (in the case of a staffing agency) or one recruiter (in the case of an in-house full cycle recruiter) carries out the complete 360 recruitment process. A consolidated recruitment process has better accountability as a single person or agency is responsible for recruitment. Consolidation also leads to better data management and builds better relationships between recruiters and candidates. When one person handles the entire process, it leads to a more personalized candidate experience.

Full Life Cycle Recruiting Service

Full life cycle recruiting services cover every aspect of the talent acquisition process and can help your business attain scalability and agility amidst the changing market demands. Get 360 recruitment outsourcing support with the QX Global Group to elevate your service delivery capability and reduce hiring costs.

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Originally published May 13, 2022 12:05:04, updated May 17 2022

Topics: 360 Recruitment, Full Cycle Recruitment, Recruitment Outsourcing

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