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7 Ways Staffing Agencies Cut Business Costs in Recession

Posted on September 30, 2022
Written By Aanchal Jain

Outsourcing Services To Help Against Inflation

Inflation in the US has hit a 40-year high, and businesses are already under pressure from a looming recession. While business leaders and economists are unsure whether a recession will come, companies need to be prepared for the worst-case scenario. The timing and extent of a recession cannot be predicted, but businesses can prepare for it by proactively managing their business costs. The staffing industry is also faced with challenges of skill shortage at a global level, and a looming recession is threatening to make things worse.

Here are a few recommendations for staffing companies to manage their business costs and prepare for a recession through strategic outsourcing and sustainable business solutions.

7 Ways Staffing Companies Can Manage Business Costs During a Recession

  1. Strategic outsourcing by staffing companies to offshore recruitment agencies will allow the management to focus on core revenue-generating business functions. Recruitment outsourcing services help to reduce business costs by leveraging economies of scale and transforming business processes. Therefore, recruitment process outsourcing is a great option for staffing companies to prepare for a recession by managing business costs and refocusing on core business functions.
  2. Recruitment outsourcing solutions will help implement automation in the processes, further reducing costs. Robotic process automation can reduce labor costs and enhance productivity while increasing the efficiency of the services. Almost all the top RPO companies and outsourced recruiting services providers have made substantial investments in technology and process automation, resulting in enormous savings for staffing companies. Robotic process automation is expensive, and its implementation can be time-consuming for staffing and recruitment companies to do on an individual level. This is where outsourcing to an offshore recruitment agency can help.
  3. Outsourced recruiting service provider caters to many staffing companies and inherently offers a lower cost-of-hiring model than what staffing companies can achieve on their own. Outsourcing will lead to transformation in existing processes and enhance their efficiency and reliability at a reduced cost.
  4. Outsourcing during a recession offers a great option to save labor costs and other costs related to maintaining an in-house team. Offshore staffing services provided by RPO companies offer the leverage of a shared employee delivery model. Outsourced recruitment assistance helps staffing companies to hire recruiters and professionals from foreign labor markets where RPO companies have developed offshore delivery centers.
  5. A recession can lead to fluctuations in demand, and recruitment outsourcing solutions give staffing agencies the advantage of scalability. Staffing companies can develop a strategic outsourcing plan to scale up or down their service delivery capacity. It will also help them save on fixed costs and invest more in variable costs helping them avoid unnecessary expenditure on underutilized assets or personnel.
  6. Outsourcing back-office and admin functions help to manage business costs and prepare for a recession. Administrative office functions such as payroll, taxation, accounting, and HR are essential but time-consuming. Outsourcing the back-office operations to offshore experts helps save overhead costs and keeps management and employees focused on core business activity.
  7. The right outsourcing provider shall be able to provide the best practices and insights as experts to help your business prepare for a recession and maintain its sustainability. Outsourcing service providers have enhanced reporting capabilities, advanced technology support, and industry expertise to leverage data intelligence and make better forecasts for the recession ahead. They also better understand regulatory compliance at a local and national level and help reduce costs and provide additional benefits.

The Best Recruitment Outsourcing Solutions to Manage Business Costs

Recruitment outsourcing solutions can help your staffing business prepare for a recession by reducing overhead costs and implementing cost-effective service delivery models. At QX Global Group, we train our recruitment experts to implement cost-saving business solutions providing our clients the ability to scale up and down during difficult economic conditions. Consider outsourcing your recruitment services and back-office operations to our offshore delivery centers and protect your business from the looming recession.

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Originally published Sep 30, 2022 10:09:27, updated Sep 30 2022

Topics: Inflation and Recession, Recruitment Outsourcing

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