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3 Ways Offshore Staffing Services Help You Hire Better

Posted on September 12, 2022
Written By Aanchal Jain

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Offshore outsourcing entails collaborating with external service providers to carry out some of the functions of your company. For the staffing and recruitment industry, offshore staffing services are a great way to connect with experienced recruiters who can deliver quality services to save time and costs.

Recruitment outsourcing solutions help staffing agencies benefit from the expertise and advanced technological support that RPO companies offer. A wide range of offshore staffing services, customized to the recruitment agency’s needs, can be hired for outsourcing recruitment functions, back-office tasks, accounting, payroll, and other admin services.

Offshore recruitment service providers help staffing agencies add flexibility and scalability to their business and maintain productivity through lean and peak business seasons. Full cycle recruiting, talent sourcing, CV sourcing, compliance and admin services, and finance and accounting services are some of the most popular offshore recruitment outsourcing solutions hired by staffing companies.

The pandemic, coupled with other factors, has fueled inflation, compelling companies to rethink their strategies. Staffing agencies globally are dealing with issues such as falling productivity, increasing costs, and declining hiring efficiency due to rising inflation. Learn more about how offshore staffing services can help recruitment agencies improve their hiring quality and productivity during inflation.

3 Ways Offshore Staffing Services Improve Hiring During Inflation

  1. Access Top Talent

Offshore recruitment agencies thoroughly understand the local job markets and are highly efficient at sourcing top candidates. Staffing agencies are required to hire for a global workforce post-pandemic that works in a remote or hybrid set-up. Outsourcing recruitment to offshore service providers is a great way to access high-quality candidates across different geographies.

During inflation, when companies are under pressure to cut costs, outsourced recruiting services offer low-cost hiring solutions and, at the same time, boost hiring quality and output. Top RPO companies have dedicated talent sourcers and recruiters with expertise in hiring for specific industries. Hiring their services can improve a staffing agency’s long-term profitability by reducing the turnover rate. RPO companies help to find the best-fit candidates according to the client’s hiring needs. They have access to the most advanced technology to assist them in tracking, engaging, and recruiting the best available talent.

  1. Lower Hiring Cost and Time

Offshore recruitment agencies have a vast network of candidates and access to local talent. RPO companies have an expansive database of candidates, which allows them to close hiring requirements quickly. A robust pipeline of active and passive candidates maintained by the RPO service providers helps them easily connect with potential candidates. Recruitment outsourcing services, therefore, help agencies to save time and costs. RPO companies have the capacity to bulk hire and recruit talent in foreign locations, and their team of specialized recruiters facilitates regulatory compliance and completion of the paperwork quickly.

Companies offering outsourced recruitment solutions have streamlined processes and technological support, which helps them to close hiring requirements in lesser time and at a lower cost than staffing agencies.

  1. Improved Process Efficiency

Staffing agencies are required to perform various services in addition to hiring candidates such as

  • Candidate Background Checks
  • Payroll Management
  • Onboarding
  • Training and Induction
  • Skill development
  • Accounting and Finance
  • Timesheet Management
  • CV Sourcing
  • Admin and HR Functions

Outsourcing or offshoring staffing services other than talent sourcing help to ensure a smooth transition and improve the overall efficiency of the hiring process. By outsourcing back-office, HR and administrative tasks to offshore recruitment agencies, staffing agencies can reduce their overall expenditure during inflationary times and eliminate the need to hire additional in-house staff to perform these functions.

Hire Offshore Staffing Services with Top RPO Company

The recruitment process outsourcing (RPO) division of QX Global Group delivers complete offshore recruitment services from India and Mexico. Since 2003 our outsourcing services have helped ease the operating burden of staffing agencies based in the UK, USA, Canada, and several EU geographies. QX recruitment services are cost-efficient and are an excellent solution for businesses looking to scale up their service delivery capacity.

Enquire more about how offshore RPO services can improve your recruitment practice.

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Topics: offshore staffing services, Recruitment Process Outsourcing, RPO Companies

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