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Transformational Impact of Recruitment Outsourcing in the aftermath of COVID-19

Posted on August 27, 2021
Written By Aron Vaidya

Transformational Impact of Recruitment Outsourcing

2020 was a difficult year for the global business landscape. While major businesses had BCPs in place, they weren’t prepared for such a disruptive crisis. Companies took drastic and immediate steps to ensure survival, from furloughing and firing employees to pivoting their services. It’s been over a year now, and companies have started recovering from the economic difficulties created by the COVID-19 pandemic.

Even when we see a recovery now, this crisis may have changed the business landscape for good. We’ve heard this term “the new normal” through the last year – businesses will open up, and the jobs market will open up; however, the business’s operating structure and service delivery model may never be the same again. This pandemic pushed enterprises to revisit their BCP – reassess their overall operating structure, remodel their service delivery structure, and bring increased agility and flexibility within their workflow to help them progress unhindered even amidst uncertain conditions.

Now more than ever, businesses are determined to attain financial stability with a prime focus on elevating revenue generation and scaling productivity rapidly while integrating new business models within their current one, allowing them enhanced process efficiency and operating flexibility.

We’ve already witnessed increased acceptance and adoption of the work-from-home practice and a high number of collaborations between businesses for mutually beneficial growth in the past year. Though these activities were need of the hour at the time, they may as well be continued in the future. A new normal!

Similarly, outsourcing has often been a misunderstood practice in the past. Businesses now see value in it, one that surpasses the widely-known value of cost savings. Though cost savings is one of the key benefits of outsourcing, it isn’t the only one.

Recruitment Outsourcing Masterclass Webinar

Workflow Optimisation

Sourcing partners can help you surpass your agencies’ growth plateau by overhauling your redundant processes. With the complete redesign of your existing workflows, recruitment outsourcing can help you enhance productivity and build agile workspaces.

Operating Model Restructure

This pandemic has taught businesses the need to adapt quickly to change to thrive amidst disruptive market changes. Recruitment Outsourcing allows businesses to traverse through new, transformational roadmaps, enabling them to develop a suitable operating model that addresses their unique challenges. It fosters your company’s cost-saving potential by giving you multiple avenues to explore around building Single-Function Shared Service Centre, Multi-Function Shared Service Centre, and Global Business Services (GBS).

Delivery Model Transformation

Outsourced Recruitment setup helps you build future-ready teams tailored to meet your business objectives and overcome potential challenges. Add flexibility to your key projects building an agile workforce, and gain the capability to scale your productivity rapidly even amidst uncertain conditions. Sourcing partners can help you set up an onshore delivery model, offshore delivery model, and a hybrid delivery model (combination of the onshore and offshore model).

There is so much more….

There are major benefits around technological transformation, process flexibility, process- & cost- efficiency that outsourcing experts offer. Partnering with an experienced outsourcing provider, whether to outsource recruitment or finance or payroll, can provide businesses with ample opportunities to unlock their potential. From bringing agility to existing workflows for enhanced productivity to a complete overhaul of the operating model for maximum flexibility, outsourcing can have a transformational impact on recruitment businesses in the aftermath of COVID-19.

If you would like to hear in detail about these transformational benefits, attend the Recruitment Outsourcing Masterclass webinar on 2nd September 2021, at 1:00 pm BST. Hear from the leading recruitment experts: Heather Salway – Non-Executive Director at REC & Director at Jump Advisory, and Akhilesh Pandey – Chief Customer Officer at QX Global Group, carrying 20 years of experience in the BPM industry.

Recruitemnt Outsourcing Masterclass Webinar

Originally published Aug 27, 2021 08:08:00, updated Nov 24 2021

Topics: Outsourced Staffing Services, Recruitment Process Outsourcing, staffing outsourcing

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