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How to Manage Staff Shortage this Festive Season for Your Healthcare Staffing

Posted on December 15, 2020
Written By Alok Kumar

healthcare recruitment process assistance for Christmas

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The festive season means fun and frolic for everyone but for healthcare staffing businesses. This is the time when requirement for temporary staffing peaks and there are even less candidates to tap. Employers feel the heat of staff shortage and want their partner staffing businesses to rescue them by filling ad-hoc positions. This is also the end of the year and many candidates venture out for long breaks leaving deeper skill gaps behind. However, for well-prepared staffing business in the US it can be a great opportunity. Below is an account of how you can turn this festive season and welcome year 2019 with lots of success by properly managing shortage of your staff.

Better leave management

This sounds great but festivals are for everyone and the staff who is asking for leave has long been working with you and you do not find it right to deny them leaves. However, better leave management can help you understand the upcoming shortage much in advance so that you can plan better.

No short term hiring

You might be missing your start sourcing team members or the wiz healthcare recruiter who is brilliant in recruiting travel nurses but you cannot compensate it with short term hiring. It will not only add to your cost but you also might need to put some dollars into upgrading your infrastructure. And all of these sound unprofitable so do not indulge in this expensive luxury.

Partner with a RPO

Around half of the recruitment businesses in the US have once or more engaged recruitment process outsourcing partners in India. And around 48% of them have successfully achieved their business objectives and registered cost saving and improved turnaround due to increased process efficiency. As the best viable option to manage staff shortage this festive season and in the year 2019, you can also contact QX Recruitment services USA as the best offshore healthcare recruitment process outsourcing service provider in India. The sourcing experts and the recruiters from QX will help you overcome your staff shortage issue as soon as they are lined up for your work.

Pro-active Planning

This again require you to engage the best RPO in India to outsource healthcare recruitment process. However, the only difference is that you have to contact them much in advance as you know the seasonality of the festive leaves and other such absences. Pro-active planning ensures that you have already lined up your preferred offshore partner and they know when you are going to need their assistance. Additionally, you can even interview their resources much in advance and build the required team to manage the shortage when your in-house resources are on unplanned leave or on festival vacations.

Apart from looking for occasional assistance from your healthcare RPO partner, you can plan to take more clients and job orders without scaling up your in-house resources or infrastructure and still fill more jobs each day by using the best souring and recruiting resources from your offshore healthcare recruitment process outsourcing service provider in India. In case you choose QX recruitment as your best RPO in India then you will be able to save at least 55% of cost and still improve turnaround time by 50%. Feel free to evaluate offshore healthcare RPO services by QX with a zero obligation free trial.

Originally published Dec 15, 2020 12:12:33, updated Nov 24 2021

Topics: Healthcare Recruitment, Recruitment

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