Best Job Boards to Scale up your Diversity Recruitment Efforts

Written By Aron Vaidya

Best Job Boards to Scale up your Diversity Recruitment Efforts

A traditional, yet effective, practice of recruiting candidates has been around posting  job openings with added description over the job boards. Employers and staffing agencies have been using job boards as a channel to source and recruit talent. It helps not only recruiters but also the candidates looking for a job. Traditional job boards contain all job applicants’ data and job postings from various companies and agencies for varying positions.

For an recruiter, it is easy to browse through all the job applications on a particular job post for the hiring process. Staffing agencies also work with a talent sourcing agency, that helps them source active candidates from these job boards.

Why do you need a Job board?

A job board is a platform employers use to source and recruit active candidates, publishing posts about open job positions and wait for the candidates to respond. It serves as a forum where candidates can browse through job posts and find a suitable opening. With a very few traditional job-posting sites and company notice boards, you could only access a limited amount of candidates.

It is also challenging for the candidates as there was no solid platform to browse through job news, and it required a lot of digging up to find a job notice. As traditional job boards gained traction, employers gained a more extensive and diverse candidate pool.

Job boards serve as an essential platform for all kinds of job news. Job posts are filtered based on the role, description, and other metrics. Employers and candidates can put up different filters to narrow down the search. For an employer, it became easy to spread the news of the job opening to more people. The correct tags and language used in the notice can spread the news to more candidates and allow the employer to screen through a larger pool of candidates.

How do Job boards usually work?

The candidates need to sign up first. They create an employee account that carries all their personal and professional information. While browsing through job applications on a particular job post, employers can quickly go through these data and conduct a better screening process. Candidates can also have a consolidated platform for all kinds of job postings from various companies.

Like a candidate profile, a job board would also contain information about the employers and the job role. Job posts on job boards mention the type of candidate they are looking for. It makes communication between the employer and the candidate hassle-free. It also enables a recruiter to conduct different outreach programs in compliance with the government’s hiring regulations to allow diversity in recruitment.

What are the different types of job boards?

There are different job boards to address different groups of candidates, and sometimes for different types of job openings. It makes searching for a particular job or candidate easy for all. While the basic idea remains the same, Job boards can be job-role or designation specific. It can also be for a particular group of people. For an active candidate desperately looking for a job, the standard job boards will serve the purpose. But for passive candidates with experience and no rush to land a job, job boards have to be more specific.

1)           General Job Boards

Regular job boards are a great place to find active candidates. These job boards contain a variety of jobs from different companies and recruiters. A general job board has job postings from various recruiters. Candidates can browse through these general job postings and apply for the most suitable one. Similarly, a general job board offers a diverse pool of candidates to hire from for the recruiters. Job board such as is an excellent option for active candidates.

2)           Niche Job boards

As the name suggests, this category of job boards is set up to attract a particular group of applicants. The conventional job boards can be modified to post jobs from a specific sector like education or healthcare. This will attract candidates who are looking for that particular job role. Niche Job boards can be set up to post job openings about a specific group of employees and part-time workers, engineers, legal workers, and teachers.

3)           Job search engines

in many cases, Job boards can be modified to act as a job aggregator. If someone searches for a particular job role, it will look through various other job boards and show the results that match your description. Job search engines act as a platform to search and find jobs from different job boards. Example-

4)           Company review site

A company review site is a platform used by the employees of various companies to write about their working experiences. It is a good place to gather reviews and search for a potentially better workplace rated by other employees. Example-

5)           Reverse Job boards

Reverse job boards act as a platform where the main focus is on the candidate and their work experience. Various companies can go through a candidate’s profile on this job board and hire the most suited candidate. Example-

There are many other ways of making a pool of potential candidates. Many companies set up their recruitment site to expect direct job applications for the job requirement posted. Job fairs are also an excellent way for candidates to interact with potential employers and exchange information.

What is diversity in recruitment?

Diverse recruitment is a process of ensuring diversity in a workplace. It allows an employer to ensure that the company promotes equal opportunity of employment for its employees. In addition to that, having a diverse culture in the workplace adds to its value and promotes strong ethics. To attain a diverse workforce, Recruitment diversity is practised.

Companies go the extra mile to ensure that they are thorough and open in the recruitment drive. Any prejudices or barriers must not come in the way of the recruitment process. Also, promoting diverse culture in the workplace allows a company to go by hiring regulations and norms set up by the government. Various recruiters want to have the participation of veterans, minorities, women, and the differently-abled community in their workforce.

Technology Reduces Human Bias and Promotes Diversity 

Why is diversity hiring so important?

Diverse hiring promotes social and cultural equality in the workplace. It allows positive thinking and complies with the norms and regulations of job hiring set by the government. Many private and voluntary organizations tend to look for the best candidate in their respective role. In addition to this tendency, there should not be any more prejudices against any particular community, caste, or creed. A workplace reflects the work culture of a company.

Having a diverse workforce also promotes diverse work culture and positive thinking. Top companies hire top candidates to stay ahead of the competition. Now, these top-level candidates may come from different backgrounds and socio-economic levels. Diverse workplace culture is sure to attract these top candidates.

Companies need to ensure that they comply with all the rules and regulations of the hiring committee and the government during the hiring process. Otherwise, later they may face several legal or ethical lawsuits. In addition to that, the modern generation of candidates prefers working in a free and positive-minded workplace. Having diversity in the workplace will encourage more positivity and respect for the employees.

The company must provide equal opportunity for different candidates irrespective of their age, gender, caste, and religion. Recruitment diversity takes care of all the problems associated with a niche workforce. It enables the hiring of a diverse pool of candidates. These vast candidate pools enrich a company’s ethical values and principles.

What are the different ways of conducting diverse recruitment?

There are different ways of ensuring diverse recruitment while selecting candidates for a job role. Companies often focus on particular work experience and age groups while hiring. But by complying with diverse recruitment strategies, they will also add a diverse culture to the workplace. This will ensure a very positive mindset among employees and enable free thinking.

Recruiters need to come up with a recruitment strategy to allow diverse cultures in their workplace. They need to look for the shortage of any particular group of employees and fill them with priority.

Employers can try to implement Artificial Intelligence in their hiring process to screen applications and background checks. This will omit the possibility of any unintentional human bias during the recruitment.

Hiring managers can redesign their employee referral programs to promote more diversity during recruitment. Most employees tend to recommend people who are just like them. To minimise this human tendency, referral programs can be more lucrative, such as adding bonuses for any diverse referral from an employee. Framing the job posts correctly, adjusting the screening and interview process, and increasing a diverse talent pool are other ways of ensuring diverse recruitment.

Are there different types of Job boards for diversity recruitment?

Job boards can be used to effectively search and recruit diverse candidates for a particular job role. The recruiter may use different types of job boards, which will, in turn, attract job applications from different categories of people. Many job boards specifically allow an employer to conduct diverse recruitment.

Jobs for retired people or above 40-50 years of age

People above 40 or 50 years of age often look for a change in their professional careers. Sometimes they want to start over and enjoy work even after retirement. Some job boards typically allow the recruiter to search and hire this category of people:

1)           Rest Less: It is a kind of Job board that allows people over the age of 50 to consult and look for jobs that they can do even after retirement in the UK.

2)           Retired Brains: This job board categorizes job postings for people over the age of 40.

Jobs for the LGBTQ community

There are job boards that specifically encourage and come up with job postings for the LGBTQ community. This makes life so much easier for the LGBTQ community, allowing them to showcase their skills in a professional environment.

1)           myGwork: It allows people in the UK to search and apply for jobs in LGBTQ inclusive environment. Enthusiasts from the LGBTQ community can look up any position they desire and take guidance from industry experts who have experience working with the said community.

2)          Proud Employers: It is a job search platform for the LGBTQ community run by Stonewall- Europe’s largest LGBTQ charity.

Jobs for People who are specially-abled

It is vital to consider specially-abled candidates. This allows great diversity in the recruitment model of the company and promotes equal job opportunities for everyone.

1)           Disability Jobsite: It allows people with any disability to participate in active recruitments and job searches in the UK. The site searches for jobs especially suited for disabled people and helps them achieve them.

2)           Careers with Disabilities: It acts as a job board for particular job postings, including disabilities. The site offers people with disabilities search and finds jobs that will suit their experience and knowledge.

Jobs for Veterans

Military veterans who wish for a career change are greatly benefitted from these kinds of job boards. They allow ex-army men to indulge in other career choices and help them resettle in life.

1)           Veterans’ Gateway– This particular job board allows veterans and their family members to interact with different employers and support them.

2)           British Forces Resettlement Services: This job search engine acts as a job accumulator by allowing the veterans to search for their preferable jobs and locations. They come with job requirements posted by different job boards which specifically concern ex-military people.

Jobs for minority community

There are Job Boards dedicated to providing leads on job postings that include minority community people staying in the UK. It searches for jobs for the people who may be having a hard time mixing with others.

1)           Ethnic Jobsite: It specializes in serving the Black, Asian, and minority ethnic community of people in the UK. They can search and navigate through different job postings and apply to them.

2)           Diversity Jobsite: This allows diverse community people in the UK to look through various job postings and results that include BME communities.

Jobs for people with a past criminal record

Criminal background check for a particular job role may often disallow someone with a tainted past from landing the job. This particular category of job boards aimed at helping people with previous convictions get jobs easily

1)           The Information Hub: It grooms and mentors people with past convictions to land a job of their choice. The site also shares job information that matches the requirement of the particular help seeker.

2)           Prosper 4 Jobs: This is a part of an initiative taken by Prosper 4 Group in the UK to help ex-offenders get a job of their choice.

Having diverse work culture in Job role thus can be very satisfying both to the recruiters and for the ones searching for them. A diverse job board thus serves a purpose in finding jobs exclusively for different groups of people. It is easy to land a job if one knows exactly where to search for.

If you need a helping hand with your diverse recruiting efforts, get in touch with QX Global Group. The RPO division of QX offers scalable recruitment services to staffing agencies in the UK, US and several EU geographies.

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