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AI Enabled Just-In-Time Sourcing and Recruiting of Travel Nurses

Posted on December 15, 2020
Written By Alok Kumar

AI highlight better travel nurses quickly with all documents

Staffing businesses, independent recruiters and maverick sourcing specialist – off late, like every other person, they are also talking about impact of AI and are concerned about adoption of technology in recruitment and how it is going to change the current strategies. Latest reports revealed that for the third quarter in a row, US unemployment rate is on a decline. On one hand it is a good news that people are getting more employment opportunities but on another hand, it also implies that the recruitment industry is further starved of skilled candidates. And for healthcare staffing businesses it is definitely going to add to their pain points unless they are ready to embrace AI enabled just-in-time sourcing and recruiting of travel nurses in the US.

How AI enabled sourcing helps

It is automated talent sourcing with higher accuracy enabling healthcare sourcing specialist to streamline travel nurse talent sourcing process. It certainly enhances efficiency of not only the sourcing specialist but also of the whole process. Further, if your staffing business is engaged with an offshore healthcare recruitment process outsourcing partner which uses AI for sourcing then it will, for sure, help reduce cost by more than 60% along with time saving of at least 50%. AI or automation tools are also known for their advantage of narrowing the talent pipeline based on intensive search that they perform over exact keywords, which is tiring and time consuming task for human sourcing specialists.

How AI helps with recruiting

Similar to how automation helps sourcing activities in more than one ways; AI has been able to improve recruiting process in following known ways.

  • Reduces Bias – AI technology can be set to eliminate any kind of known bias which is prevalent in case of human recruiters. However, it can pick biases of its trainer/programmer and require careful elimination before it is used for real-time recruiting process, especially for hard-to-fill positions such as that of travel nurses in the US.
  • Reduces administrative & back office task – These are known to waste time and resource and also spike up the cost involved in recruiting. But with AI/automation – most of the admin & back office work can be sorted by the tools. In most of the cases, these tasks are also repetitive in nature & can be best addressed with highest degree of accuracy by AI.
  • Enhances human interaction – Any benefit that AI brings in to the recruiting will ultimately lead to increasing the useful time of your offshore dedicated healthcare recruiters. The gain of time will allow your recruiters to be available for candidates and their queries at a personal level; thereby increasing high-touch approach of recruiting travel nurses.

How AI enables just-in-time staffing

Just-in-time is all about improving speed and efficiency in booking per candidate for an open job. It is very much required for hard-to-fill positions of travel nurses in the US. With help of AI, staffing businesses and their offshore RPO partners are equipped with a tool that gives them more insight about any candidate they want to screen and it does the same job for hundreds of other candidates in relatively much lesser time than done by a human. It helps healthcare staffing businesses to quickly source, recruit, and fill open jobs without wasting valuable time and resource for repetitive admin & back office tasks or other tine intensive functions.

Why it is beneficial for travel nurse staffing

If there is a project to be delivered, it can wait for a week for best talent to join and complete it; but when it comes to healthcare – there is no wait period. No one can afford it. However, for travel nurse sourcing and recruiting the process is lengthy and require completion of a lot of paperwork. Which again increases the staffing window of travel nurses, but with AI enabled just-in-time sourcing and recruiting the process becomes whole lot easier. AI enabled process of staffing travel nurses in the US is not only limited to admin and back office tasks but it can also track required paper work and keep the whole recruiting process complaint.

Originally published Dec 15, 2020 12:12:40, updated Jul 05 2024

Topics: Candidate Sourcing, Healthcare Recruitment, Recruitment Technology, Talent Acquisition

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