Redefining the Finance Function with Intelligent Automation

On-Demand Webinar
Redefining the Finance Function with Intelligent Automation

In today’s rapidly evolving financial landscape, the role of finance departments is undergoing a significant transformation. With the integration of intelligent automation, predictive analytics, and digitalization, the next generation of finance professionals are tasked with navigating a complex, tech-driven environment while upholding the foundational pillars of accounting, compliance, and control.

Watch our free, on-demand webinar where we dissect the journey towards a sophisticated finance function that not only provides traditional services but also acts as a strategic partner to the business. Discover the strategies that are pivotal in building a resilient and adaptive finance operating model capable of meeting the demands of a volatile marketplace.

This session covers the critical touchpoints necessary for finance leaders to stay ahead of the curve:

The on-demand webinar explore:

  • Building a resilient finance operating model poised for the challenges of tomorrow.
  • How to leverage generative AI, predictive analytics, and digitalization to transform your future operations.
  • How Next Generation Finance organizations are overcoming talent shortages and upskilling through innovative sourcing solutions.
  • How transitioning from a “Back-Office” mindset to “One-Office” culture is allowing CFOs to move up the value-chain to support enterprise-wide decision making

Don’t miss the opportunity to redefine your finance function and embrace intelligent automation to ensure your team remains at the forefront of the financial industry’s evolution.



Chuy Michel

Vice President, Intelligent Automation, QX Global Group

Chuy Michel is the Vice President of Intelligent Automation, currently heading up QX’s Global Intelligent Automation Business Unit, which helps clients on their intelligent automation journey by leveraging the confluence of digital workforce, AI, and data.

As a Global Delivery Lead, Chuy is responsible for the design and implementation of RPA Centers of Excellence (CoEs), bot development, and managed services across multiple software platforms. Chuy has implemented innovative shared services offerings, including an RPA CoE and marketing shared services.

Esteban Carril

Managing Director, LATAM, QX Global Group

Esteban Carril is the Managing Director of QX & Chazey Partners in Latin America.

He has over 20 years of Finance, Shared Services and Operations management experience with a solid track record in financial and operational assistance for decision-making and business growth

Vignesh Kannan

Vignesh Kannan

Vice President, Business Process Services, Everest Group

Vignesh Kannan is a Vice President at Everest Group, a prominent research & advisory firm. He leads research & advisory practices focused on enterprise services, including finance & Accounting.