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Lucy Cohen is the Co-founder of Mazuma Accountants, a leading Online Accounting firm for small and micro businesses. Lucy is a celebrated columnist at AccountingWEB and the proud author of her critically-acclaimed debut book, The Millennial Renaissance. With a career spanning over 17 years in in the accounting industry, Lucy appears widely on webinars, industry events and trade publications to offer her insights on the accounting industry.

In this podcast, we took our time in unravelling the advent of some emerging trends in business and accounting. While the ‘New Normal’ remains to be largely foggy, we were able to spot some trends that were thought provoking, inspiring and signposted different ways with which accountants can thrive in the post-lockdown economy.

What’s the podcast about:

  • The possibilities of some new service lines and trends
  • How is the pandemic a catalyst to mainstreaming advisory services
  • How can accountants introduce new service lines
  • Importance of Small Business Clients in Economic Recovery

Quotes by Lucy:

“We’re going to start seeing micro-economies across the UK”

“Why hasn’t your accountant spoken to you yet? That’s where the problem is – This was all about being proactive, not reactive.”

“Partnerships are going to become more prevalent – with accountants and other types of businesses – to leverage that trusted advisor status.”

Reach out to Lucy at:

Website: https://www.mazumamoney.co.uk/

Twitter: https://twitter.com/LucyMazuma

LinkedIn: https://www.linkedin.com/in/lucycohen/

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