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Jacquelyn H. Tracy, a certified public accountant with almost 30 years of public accounting experience is a partner at Mandel & Tracy a women-owned accounting firm with a niche in individual taxation.

What’s the podcast about:

Jacquelyn’s accounting journey

Her take on importance of diversity of the workplace

Importance of diversity in workplace packed with millennials

Quotes by Jacquelyn:

“I think diversity or how we talked about it over the last several years is really two different things, one of them is of course diversity that we think about traditionally where we have individuals with different backgrounds and experiences whether it’s more females in the workplace or with people with different ethnic backgrounds or people from other countries coming in to work into our organization that were traditionally made up of just males from the United States.

“But how our work is changing, the diversity of background is also in what we study and where our skills are, where we may have just had accounting people work in a CPA firm, now we need someone who understands technology, and risk, and cybersecurity.”

Reach out to Jacquelyn at:

LinkedIn: https://www.linkedin.com/in/jacquelyntracy/

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