Payroll Software Guide: 101 Features And Functionalities Recruitment Agencies Should Look For

09 Jul 2020 | Tags: Recruitment Technology

There is no dearth of payroll software catering to the UK or the EU market. However, a good portion ...

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3 recruitment payroll outsourcing issues & actionable steps

14 Mar 2020 | Tags: Pay & bill Process

Among the various aspects that any small or large recruitment agency sees as an organisational cha...

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Pay & bill outsourcing – 3 tips for choosing the right partner

12 Sep 2018 | Tags: Recruitment Process Outsourcing

Sounds quite simple on paper. Pay the candidates and get the payments from the clients. What could g...

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The 3 biggest obstacles to building a world-class payroll operation

20 Aug 2018 | Tags: Pay & bill Process

On-time and accurate payroll is essential to keep candidates and employees happy. In fact, saying th...

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Why accurate payroll processing is critical to the growth of your recruitment agency

27 Jul 2018 | Tags: Pay & bill Process

John receives a call from a recruitment consultant, Jenny. He’s not all that interested but listen...

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7 reasons leading recruitment agencies choose specialist pay & bill service providers

21 Jun 2018 | Tags: Finance & Accounting Outsourcing

Accurate, timely and consistent management of the payroll process is a key objective of all recruitm...

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IR35 in the private sector: recruitment agencies must prepare for the inevitable

14 Jun 2018 | Tags: Recruitment Industry News

When the IR35 reforms hit public sector workers in 2017, no one had a clear idea about the impact th...

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Shift focus on growth – outsource recruitment back-office services to specialists

24 Apr 2018 | Tags: Recruitment Process Outsourcing

It is not uncommon for administrative and back-office tasks to directly impact agency staff’s abil...

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Master list of GDPR FAQs for recruitment agencies Part 4 – the impact on outsourcing

26 Feb 2018 | Tags: Recruitment Industry News

Most recruitment agencies in the UK outsource several non-core functions to offshore destinations. T...

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Nitty gritty of payroll outsourcing for recruitment agencies: How it actually works

15 Dec 2017 | Tags: Recruitment Process Outsourcing

As a specialist payroll provider we get many queries from prospects about the actual payroll process...

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