The 8 Critical Steps that Can Be Managed by Order to Cash Process Outsourcing

25 Sep 2023 | Tags: Benefits of Outsourcing, Order-to-cash cycle, Outsourcing

Order to cash process outsourcing is not only about outsourcing one consolidated process, but more a...

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Decoding the Order to Cash Process Puzzle and Finding a Definitive Solution

14 Sep 2023 | Tags: Order-to-cash cycle

Various factors fuel a company’s success story, and one often ignored hero is the finance and acco...

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Order to Cash Business Process: What is it and How do You Optimize its Performance?

06 Sep 2023 | Tags: Order-to-cash cycle, Process optimisation

Order-to-cash, or O2C, is a critical and complex process that is a part of the larger finance and ac...

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Record to Report Services for Student Accommodation: An Overview

05 Sep 2023 | Tags: Record-to-report cycle, Student accommodation, Student Housing

R2R or Record to Report is all about financial intelligence. Data is critical to accelerating result...

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The Great Resignation is Far from Over & Here’s How GBS Leaders are Addressing the Acute Talent Shortage

16 Aug 2023 | Tags: GBS, global talent shortage, Outsourcing

Of the many business landscape changes to have occurred in the past few years, talent shortage has u...

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Accounts Payable & Data Security: How to Protect Your Business from Cyber Threats

07 Jul 2023 | Tags: Accounts Payable Optimisation, Accounts Payable Process, cybersecurity, Data Security

As businesses increasingly rely on digital accounts payable processes, the looming threat of cyber-a...

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The Impact of Automation and AI on Invoice Processing: Redefining the Future of Work

28 Jun 2023 | Tags: Artificial Intelligence, Invoice Processing, P2P, Process automation

Invoice processing has long been a challenging task in the world of finance leadership, plagued by m...

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