QX ProAR: Optimising Receivables for UK Healthcare Recruiter


QX ProAR: Optimising Receivables for UK Healthcare Recruiter

The client is a UK-based healthcare recruitment company, delivering staffing solutions to both public and private sectors. Backed by industry experience of over three decades, the client continues to operate in many leading markets around the world, providing high-quality locum, temporary and permanent healthcare staff.

Business Challenges

QX shared a long withstanding business relation with the client, having optimised and streamlined several finance functions through our outsourced accounting solutions. Over the course of the last two years, the QX staff has worked manually to upload remittances – extracting invoices from the PDF file and consolidating the data into an Excel file. This reliance on manual, people-based process gave rise to the following challenges:

  • Laborious & repetitive nature of remittance uploading made the process extremely time-consuming
  • QX team had to spend extra hours on cash collection days to deal with spike in volume
  • Complexities associated with high-volume processing made the process prone to manual errors
  • The QX team would often put in extra hours to tackle volume spike, leading to high operational costs for the client

How QX Helped

The QX team proposed to automate remittance uploading process using QX ProAR, our proprietary AR automation technology. As a part of our solution, we performed the following activities:

  • Developed and implemented a tool that automatically fetches invoices from remittances and populates the data in an Excel sheet
  • Leveraged the user-friendly nature of the tool to ensure seamless transition from manual to automated process
  • Set up a mechanism which allows the client to view & track important receivables data in a consolidated Excel file

Benefits Delivered

  • 100% accuracy achieved in remittance upload process
  • 95% reduction in manual errors
  • 66% less time taken to complete remittance uploading process
  • Infinite scalability added to overcome high-volume processing