QX Swift and seamless payroll processing


Swift and seamless payroll processing transition for a leading healthcare supplier through online migration


The client is a global supplier of healthcare staff. Its clients include several NHS trusts and private
sector organisations in the UK.  With a specialization in the allocation of temporary nurses, doctors, mental health professionals and healthcare managers, they are required to process thousands of timesheets every week. Timely and accurate payroll processing is vital for the continued success of client’s business.

How QX helped

Healthcare payroll processing is one of the core competencies of QX F&A. With years of experience in working on identical projects, we already had a clear idea of standard processes, common issues and best practices for healthcare payroll processing. To transition, we started with query resolution over the phone and moved on to payroll timesheet processing within weeks. Our activities as the part of the solution included:

  • Enabling rapid and smooth transition in just two weeks without any on-site visits by the use of communication over video conference, phone, mail, and chat
  • Injecting process efficiency by shifting from semi-manual MS Excel-based processes to an automated system through better utilization of the client’s existing payroll software
  • Taking over timesheets processing for two divisions (nurses and doctors) within two months
  • Assisting with basic accounts payable and accounts receivable functions, emerging as a reliable option for the client’s repetitive and tedious finance and accounts tasks.

Business challenges

As a consequence of rapid growth in their business, our client saw a massive increase in the number of timesheets they needed to process. This put a strain on their payroll team and they found it difficult to recruit and retain skilled payroll specialists. They therefore sought an external payroll provider who could:

  • Transition as quickly as possible and process timesheets with high levels of accuracy
  • Slash the rising operational costs of payroll timesheet processing while ensuring business continuity
  • Avoid overpayments, late payments and high frequency of payroll adjustments.


  • Speedy but smooth transition without an on-site visit helped saved time and cost investments
  • In-house staff is freed from tedious tasks and can focus on high-value activities
  • Faster payments with higher accuracy keep the employees happy.