QX Delivering cost efficiencies to NHS


Delivering cost efficiencies to NHS trusts through efficient payroll processing and payments


The client is one of the biggest global workforce solutions providers serving the NHS and private healthcare industry in the UK, with several exclusive NHS trust contracts. They specialise in the provision of temporary and permanent health, social and admin workers to public and private sector clients.

Business scenario

Our client developed a solution to help NHS trusts to reduce agency costs associated with hiring temporary workers. For this, they offered a direct engagement model that allows NHS trusts to connect with and pay doctors and other temporary staff directly.

As a part of this endeavour, our client required a trusted and reliable payroll firm that could serve as the payroll processing agency for NHS trusts. To avoid the common problems associated with payroll processing, the client wanted to:

  • Quickly and efficiently migrate its temporary payroll processing for selected NHS trusts
  • Find a payroll partner that was well-versed in HMRC laws and compliance requirements
  • Continue to use existing online systems and processes for payroll processing.

How QX helped

QX has been working with the client on a separate project – locums and permanent payroll processing for healthcare – since 2008. During the course of our relationship, we have helped the client save over £1.8 million through process efficiency and digitisation. Considering QX’s industry expertise and familiarity with the client’s systems, we were the natural choice for our client. Working hand-in-hand with the clients, we ensured smooth and painless transition:

  • Speedily transition the payroll processing for one NHS trust
  • Added payroll timesheet processing for two other NHS trusts within two months
  • Processing more than 20,000 timesheets every year, with high level of accuracy
  • Leveraged client’s existing software and systems to receive and process payments
  • Functioned as the payroll processing agency for NHS trusts – processing and sending request for funds, and making payments.


  • NHS trusts access VAT and cost efficiencies by directly paying temporary staff, without making any extra time or effort investment
  • Employees and clients benefit from efficient payroll and quick turnaround time
  • Reduced timesheet processing costs benefit both agencies and NHS trusts.