QX Automating master vendor process


Automating master vendor process to boost payroll processing efficiency and accuracy


Our client is a leading recruitment agency, focusing primarily on supplying healthcare professionals. Paying correctly and on time is critical to delivering a delightful candidate experience and succeeding in the recruitment sector. So accurate and speedy payroll processing is of fundamental importance to our client.

Business scenario

QX has been working as the client’s offshore partner for pay & bill services for many years. One of the key activities that’s a part of the payroll cycle is downloading timesheets data from master vendor portals – often time consuming, especially when you are processing thousands of timesheets every month.

Once the timesheets are downloaded from each NHS trust and hospital, they need to be placed in a standard format and stored in a master folder for further processing. Some of the key challenges related to this process are:

  • High turnaround time as a lot of time is spent on manually downloading the data
  • Increased chances of errors as a lot of the data needs to be keyed in manually
  • Time wasted in logging on to the portal only to find that no timesheets have been updated by the trust
  • Difficult to make quick payments for specific candidates as timesheets are downloaded at the start of the day and then processed. As downloading takes time, it is not feasible to download multiple times a day.

QX solution

In order to boost accuracy and efficiency across the board, QX created a Master Vendor Automation process tool that automates most of this process. The tool is programmed to automatically:

  • Login to the configured master vendor portal of trusts, hospitals or clients
  • Download authorised timesheet reports
  • Compile and format all the reports into the standard template
  • Check and download the timesheets multiple times every day to ensure speedy payroll processing and fulfil requests for quick payments for specific candidates

Once all the verified information is placed by the tool in the standard format, the payroll team processes the data and performs the payroll run. Essentially, the payroll administrator simply needs to push one button to automate the most tedious aspects of the job.


  • Typically, the manual process of downloading and formatting the files is 20-25% of total processing time. With the Master Vendor Automation Tool, this is cut down to the few minutes it takes the process to run in the background.
  • Close to 100% accuracy with elimination of manual keying of data.
  • Happier candidates as the payments can be processes and released faster owing to the flexibility to download fresh data at any point of time during the day.