Implementing Paperless Timesheet Processing for Recruitment Business


Implementing Paperless Timesheet Processing for Recruitment Business

Our client is a leading recruitment agency who has had a legacy paper-based process for timesheet processing. However, in order to ensure business continuity during the COVID-19 outbreak, the client wanted to migrate to a modern, digital timesheet processing structure.

Business Challenges

  • Payroll timesheet process involved tedious manual printing, verification, marking of the printed timesheets, manual comparison with report, reformatting & resizing of the files by scanning
  • In addition, the printed files of processed timesheets had to be scanned in a specific sequence
  • The extended COVID-19 lockdown forced the teams to work from home, which made it impossible to continue printing of the timesheets.

QX Solution

The team at QX implemented a digital process to replace the paper-based process:

  • Timesheets are downloaded and placed in designated folders for payroll admin team to process.
  • File names are extracted and placed on an Excel sheet, simplifying and speeding up the process of matching and verifying the processed timesheets as per report against the Received/Saved.
  • The processed timesheets are converted to the desired black and white TIFF format (including resizing of images) to meet requirement of billing team for invoicing purpose.
  • Switched communication with consultants from email to Skype for Business, for speedier query resolution.


  • Enabled move to a 100% paperless process through process optimisation and digitization
  • Manual Printing and Scanning process is completely eliminated
  • Improved TAT for query resolution, with multiple same-day resolutions
  • Eased the work for the billing team (E-Docs) by making it very easy to find relevant timesheets
  • Higher compliance to GDPR