Automating Data Parsing for Recruitment Agencies with Email Parser


Automating Data Parsing for Recruitment Agencies with Email Parser

QX works with some of the top UK recruitment agencies, including 6 out of the top 10 healthcare staffing agencies. These agencies often handle a large number of emails with same or similar information. Processing this information manually can lead to wastage of time, money and human resources.

An easy-to-configure tool, QX’s Email Parser Software is capable of understanding and parsing data from multiple email templates that use different names for various fields. We have implemented this for our recruitment clients to save time & money, reduce effort associated with manual data entry processes and improve accuracy.

Business Challenges

  • Thousands of vacancy emails from multiple Trusts required the client to maintain a team of 15 people, just to upload vacancies from the inbox to their front-end system.
  • Delays in creating the vacancy in front-end system and getting it to recruitment consultants impacted the competitiveness/turnaround time of the organisation.
  • At times, the same vacancy was picked up by two data-entry persons, leading to creation of duplicate vacancy entries in the front-end system.
  • Tedious and time-consuming manual updating was required to close vacancies that were filled up.
  • Manual data entry significantly increased the risk of human errors.

QX Solution

QX Software Services set up and implemented the Email Parsing System to monitor the vacancy inbox every 30 seconds. It checked incoming emails to find out whether they were configured for parsing. If not configured, the email was forwarded to the manual data entry team. If configured, the system pulled information from the email and pushed the mapped data directly to the front-end system.

  • Configured the emails addresses and vacancy information structures of more than 30 Trusts that were sending vacancy notifications in structured formats (within initial 2-3 months).
  • Set up a system so that it takes only 15-30 minutes to configure any new Trust email address, or accommodate any change in incoming email or vacancy structure.
  • Set up immediate notification to relevant team members for any exceptions within the system.


  • 100% accuracy in handling all incoming vacancy emails.
  • Reduced the size of job vacancy creation team from 15 to 5 people (the 5 members handle non-standard vacancy creation).
  • Ensured 0% duplicate vacancy creation by automating the process.
  • Helped Recruitment Consultants to place candidates quickly by ensuring the vacancy gets created in the front-end system within 30 seconds.