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Outsourced Resume Formatting Services to optimize mid-office process

As there is no recognized standard format of preparing resumes, candidates prepare their resumes as per the layout convenient to their needs. However, you might need their resumes in a specified format, especially if you need to process applications on a large scale, to improve shortlisting activity efficiency and speed. This mid-office activity can consume your in-house team’s time and efforts and take their focus away from the topline responsibilities.

Outsource Resume formatting process to a sourcing partner and process applications at a much faster rate while also being cost-efficient. At QX Global Group, our professional resume writers and editors are equipped to prepare and edit candidate resumes following bespoke templates, presenting them in a format that is easy to scan through with improved readability, and meeting your requirements.

Trained resume specialists from QX are equipped with the latest tech to edit the candidates’ resumes as per required format based on the job function or industry and make sure that the edited resume reflects the specific job requirements, thereby increasing the chance of filling in the role in less turnaround time.

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Why choose QX as your Resume Formatting & Rewriting Service Provider

Why choose QX as your Resume Formatting Services Provider

  • Gain Industry-Specific Resume Formatting Capability
  • Very Cost-Effective
  • Easy Access to Numerous Bespoke CV Templates
  • Process Applications Faster and Meet High-Volume Demands with Ease

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