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Market Mapping Service

Market Mapping

Analyse the market, make informed decisions, and achieve recruiting success.

Outsourced Recruitment Market Mapping Support to build data-driven growth strategies

If you are still putting out job advertisements without any research and hoping to find quality candidates, much less purple squirrels, then you are not doing recruitment right. In this age and era, thorough research leveraging market mapping and competitor benchmarking to understand the current talent landscape and latest trends in the jobs market is a necessity and not a luxury. This step allows you to make informed decisions pertaining to building your recruitment business’ talent strategies and growth plans.

Market mapping is a crucial process for recruitment and staffing agencies keen to identify and assess the talent’s availability and demand across their niche jobs market. It sheds light on the geographical spread of the talent and enables you to determine the potential locations of where you can find the most valuable candidates. It also helps you pinpoint the candidates’ skill level, their expectations for specific roles, and future growth. This process is especially beneficial to staffing companies entering new market seeking to understand the level of skills required, demand and location of the target candidates.

Market mapping also includes in-depth competitor research and analysis, enabling you to attract and recruit the best candidates for your customers. Understanding the competitive landscape proactively allows you to better understand the market, which also prepares you for its volatility.

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Why choose QX as your outsourced market

Why choose QX as your outsourced market mapping partner

  • Data-Driven Growth Strategy: Build expansion strategy within the UK market and other global geographies with comprehensive overview on the talent and competition landscape
  • Talent Readiness: Candidate market mapping support enables you to draw actionable insights from bespoke analysis data on candidate supply and demand, compensation data, and help you build relevant candidate profiles
  • Competitor Analysis: Gain meaningful insights that allow you to identify key competitors, and analyse your strengths and weaknesses in comparison for further improvement
  • Accelerate Recruitment Process: Proactive market maps can help you improve time-to-hire and recruit candidates with increased efficacy and speed
  • Set Standards: Gauge and set benchmarks that are realistic and achievable based on the market

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