Executive Search & Headhunting

Executive Search & Headhunting Service

Headhunt the best-fit, hard-to-find Top Management Executives with innovative RPO strategies.

Executive Search, also referred to as headhunting, is a robust recruitment process requiring sourcing experts and recruiters to adopt an innovative, out-of-the-box approach to hire top management/senior resources and fill business-critical and ‘hard-to-fill’ niche roles.

Building an able Leadership team is critical to long term business success. The pressure to recruit a business leader, who is not merely the best in business, but also best-fit for an organisation can be overwhelming. You want to find leaders with the right skills and experience, ones who can define and build progressive corporate strategies, and fit into the company culture like a glove.

QX Global Group Executive Search services help recruitment and staffing firms identify, source and place these fine, distinctive top management and leadership staff into job positions across a wide range of sectors in the UK.

Our Approach

When it comes to executive search, delivering a positive candidate experience employing a high-touch engagement approach and subtle persuasive methods are crucial to attract right candidates and convince them that working for your client will serve their career well.

Our team takes time to understand the role, specification and skills your role demands for the leadership role. Additional information such as growth roadmap and organisation culture is requested as well.
The headhunting team continually consults with the hiring manager during the search process. It takes up several traditional headhunting tactics including networking, referrals, social media search and advertising. The candidate, once identified as a match after thorough screening and benchmarking, is researched and approached through emails, phone calls or social media message (whichever approach ensures positive candidate experience).
The candidate is provided information around the skills, experience, job title, benefits assured, and any other information provided by the client, and ensure candidate expectation are mapped with the client offerings.
After a thorough evaluation and referencing, the candidate application is submitted to the client.
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Why QX:

The recruitment agencies in the UK choose QX Global Group as their Executive Search Partner because:

Work with offshore recruitment teams with experience and expertise in specific niche skillset or industry.
Increased reach at an international level helps the agency gain access to more candidates
Access to recruitment tech and a streamlined process speeds up the top management recruiting process
Save time and cut costs – inhouse team better utilised to manage bottom line responsibilities.
Immediate access to a large network within a specific sector
Ready access to a candidate evaluation and compliance check framework

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