Candidate Care Is Your Best Opportunity to Differentiate and How QX Can Help

Each quarterly report from BLS (Bureau of Labor Statistics), for almost over a year has been suggesting that there is acute shortage of skilled candidates. The unemployment rate was almost in negative figures. The partial federal government shutdown is impacting the employment condition but it does not seem to be able to make any long term impact. This is why along with few process and technology related differentiating factors staffing businesses in the US need to adopt measures to improve candidate care and make it as one of the strongest differentiator. Below is a detailed account of how QX as the best RPO companies in India helps US staffing companies achieve this goal.

Making the process efficient

If you have endless backlog of admin and back office tasks related to recruiting and sourcing functions, then there are slight chances that your in-house sourcing specialist and recruiters will be able to find time or motivation to individually connect with each candidate and ensure a great recruiting experience. QX Recruitment Services offers recruitment back office support enabling your resources focus on the bottom line tasks. QX experts ensure that your back office functions are streamlined and efficient and backlogs are a thing of past for your staffing business in the US.

Making the process cost effective

Candidate care is a time intensive task and the resources at your US staffing business require to invest a lot of time in understanding the open roles, sourcing the best fit candidates, empowering resources who are otherwise considered partially qualified, helping interested candidates fill the required documents and make timely submissions and etc. This however is not possible for all the staffing and recruiting companies in the US as most of them have headcount fewer than 10 resources. Whereas, QX as the best offshore RPO with its delivery centers in India have more than 350 sourcing and recruiting specialists. From this resource pool, US staffing firms can build a great team of required strength at 60% less cost and still be able to give better candidate care experience.

Improve turnaround time

Turnaround time for most of the open roles on which in-house teams of sourcing and recruiting specialists work at the staffing businesses in the US, are higher than required. The sourcing and hiring window for most of the roles which are increasingly from the Gig basket, are relatively less and the time factor plays a crucial role in deciding whether you will win a candidate or lose it to a competitor. At QX, your offshore team of sourcing and recruiting specialists ensure that they improve the turnaround time by at least 50% thereby giving you a great added advantage over any of the competitors.

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