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Back-Office Recruitment Services

QX Global Group’s outsourced back-office recruitment services will take care of your low-value (yet so critical) non-revenue generating tasks.

Back office & administrative work eats up a lot of resource, efforts, and time pushing your staffing business towards lower profit margins. Even worse, it does not give you the bandwidth to focus on high-value work and achieve your bottom-line goals. However, outsourcing back-office recruitment services and admin functions can fix these problems and make your process scalable, productive, and profitable.

Whether you are based in Georgia or Michigan, California or Florida, our offshore recruitment admin support and back-office recruitment services from India are here for you round the clock.


Optimize and automate your bookkeeping process, while also injecting it with added process efficiency and agility through QXGG’s outsourced recruitment bookkeeping service.

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Pay & Bill
Outsource pay and bill process to QX Global Group and gain access to the latest finance tech that automates and streamlines the process, while also reducing operational cost.

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Payroll Management
For staffing organizations that need to process high-volume payroll requests, streamline the process and reduce overheads, QX’s outsourced payroll management service is the ideal solution.

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Credit Control
Optimize your cash flow and mitigate bad debts through an effective, process-driven credit control system customized and set up for your staffing agency in the US.

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Management Accounts
Gain insightful financial information through detailed, precise management reports provided to you weekly, monthly, and quarterly, aiding strategy development for business growth.

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