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QX Bookkeeping


Streamline and organize your bookkeeping process with QX outsourced bookkeeping solutions for recruitment agencies.

Keeping accounting records updated and organized is a time-intensive and costly practice for staffing agencies in the US. Keeping constant track of where the money is going and handling the books takes up a lot of time and effort of the in-house team, diverting their focus away from core business functions.

One solution to bring efficiency to your agency’s bookkeeping process is to outsource it to an offshore RPO partner.

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Why outsource bookkeeping process to QX Global Group

Let the offshore team at QX help save you time, efforts and money while at the same time bring increased efficiency, speed and scalability to your process, and mitigating potential financial risks and pressure through outsourced recruitment bookkeeping service. At QX, we understand that each agency’s requirements are unique, and therefore we offer bespoke bookkeeping solutions that suit your needs. We allocate trained and experienced bookkeeping experts, dedicated to managing your accounting activities and ensuring each transaction is documented appropriately.

Armed with access to the latest accounting and finance technology, we aim to bring increased speed and optimization to your process while introducing a new process structure or tweaking the current one to bring maximum improvements. Our offshore team will serve as an extension of your in-house team, and help your business grow rapidly whether you are a start-up, an SME, an established agency or an experienced CPA/CFO.


Strategic benefits of outsourcing bookkeeping service to QX

  • Increased operational efficiency and quality control within the system
  • Realign the focus of inhouse workforce towards more revenue-generating tasks
  • Reduce administration cost
  • Work in a dedicated model with experienced bookkeeping and tax preparation experts
  • Increased agility and flexibility

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