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Reference Chasing & Checking Service

Candidate Reference Check

Verify candidate credibility and ensure compliance

Candidate reference check is one of the most critical functions to be carried out by recruitment agencies in the US. However, it takes a lot of time and patience to successfully complete this tedious task. The implications of incorrect or invalid references could be severe. Therefore, candidate reference check and reference chasing is a crucial part of the pre-employment screening process which cannot be skipped.

You can leave this tedious, time-consuming task in capable and reliable hands of an offshore recruitment outsourcing partner.

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Why outsource recruitment reference check process to QX Global Group

QX offers bespoke offshore recruitment mid-office solutions to effectively help your business get over this arduous task.

We have a team of industry experts who work to ensure that your staffing business is far from any undue risk of wrongful hiring by taking into account candidates’ employment history, the duration of their employment, and their role and past performance in their previous employment. A complete report is prepared around the candidates’ background check, enabling you to gauge their success potential.

We assess the reference credibility and contact them to verify the credentials of the candidate’s experience and expertise. Our offshore recruitment reference check experts are thorough in their probing, and ensure all the necessary details are collected and verified from the reference.

Strategic benefits of outsourcing recruitment reference check process To QX

  • Speed up reference check and overall compliance management process
  • Ensure positive candidate experience
  • Process applications at a faster rate
  • Deliver high-quality candidates to your customers

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