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Student Housing: Redefining PBSA Accounting with Shared Services and Technology Innovations

Travel restrictions, frequent lockdowns and dropping student numbers, all combined to make 2020 one of the most challenging years ever for the Purpose-Built Student Housing (PBSA) industry. While the overall fundamentals remained strong for PBSA during the pandemic, owners and operators were expected to quickly adapt and improvise to deliver a safe housing experience.

In such a volatile business scenario, finance teams found themselves dealing with additional pressure that centered not only around business continuity but also on revised budgeting & forecasting.

In the first episode of the QXFA podcast, industry veterans Eddie Lee, Lee Shaw and Mahesh Jain discuss how PBSA & BTR sectors responded to the pandemic, the role of technology is playing in redefining property accounting, and how CFOs and Finance Departments are adapting to the new normal. This podcast also touches upon the general appetite for technology in the industry, setting up shared service centers, and the inevitable move to the Cloud.

What’s the podcast about

Listen to the full podcast to get a better understanding on the following topics:

  • How PBSA & BTR providers responded to COVID-induced challenges
  • Impact of COVID on student housing accounting
  • Role of F&A in preparing PBSA companies for the future
  • Overcoming dwindling occupancy rates in PBSA & BTR
  • Role of technology in adapting to the new industry normal
  • Leveraging shared service centres for post-pandemic recovery
  • Cultural shift in accounting

About our guests

Eddie Lee & Lee Shaw are the two directors of CloudFox. CloudFox is highly recognised for building technology and finance platforms for PBSA, BTR, property developers and rental communities.

Mahesh Jain is the CEO of QX F&A and Recruitment Services – a top supplier of outsourced F&A services to many of the top 10 PBSA companies in the UK and the US.

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